Thursday, May 01, 2008


Yesterday I had my second neurologist appointment and it was dissappointing.

My doctor had not looked at my 2-week-old 24-hour EEG. She was trying to scan over it while I was in the room and saying things out loud like: "You had dizzy spells.....there is a lot of blinking whenever you had a dizzy spell.....maybe these were mini-seizures............" She picks up the phone and tries to talk to who knows and then at the end says: "Well, it's probably nothing....probably normal."

So, this was not reassuring in any way. I plan on calling her tomorrow to see if she had a little more time than 30 seconds to look at the EEG that I wore for...oh yeah....24 HOURS------------

I had some questions written down and got them answered. But I also have no answers. The answer is that she wants me to double my medicine to the minimum regular dose to try to rid myself of the dizziness (I guess in the event that those probably nothing moments really were mini seizures!? huh?). She says I can probably drive in 3 months if I have no dizziness and no more events. I am looking at a minimum of one year on the meds with no events, to rule out epilepsy. When I spoke to her about side effects I am having from the meds, there was no explanation or follow up questions from her, so I felt like there was a dead end there.

After she rushed through my inconclusive EEG results and made sure I could touch my finger to my nose, she referred me to her colleague because she is taking a new position in Miami.

So, when I walked out of the office I needed to take a cleansing breath so that I didn't burst into tears.

After I allowed myself that one breath, I jumped into a cab that got me basically nowhere, and 10 dollars and running 10 blocks later, I was 15 minutes late for my root canal appointment.

You're right, this would have made a good TPT, but I am too ticked to be creative.


Jen said...

A neurologist appointment and root canal on the same day? So sorry. Go and get a pedicure tomorrow, ok?

Kage said...

Oh, And I had a pap smear scheduled too, but I had to cancel that because of above-mentioned unexpected it could have been worse....and no pedi for me because I am prone to foot fungus. TMI?

; )

Chloe said...

Oh hon, that really sucks. From my view here in CA, I'm not a fan of this neurologist...


marian said...

I'm sorry, that sucks. I hope that the colleague has better patient-relations skills, and is more on top of your test results. You will get this figured out.

much love my friend.

Elizabeth S said...

I am so sorry! Sounds liker her moving to Miami might not be a bad thing for you! Hope you find some answers. That has to be so frustrating.

Melissa said...

what a frustrating day. doctors who don't seem to care really bother me...why are you a doc?

good luck. I hope the colleague is much better and can give you some answers.

you are in our thoughts and prayers.

MKC said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this appointment you had. How frustrating! Have you thought about taking copies of all your tests and meeting with a few different neurologists to see if one of them might be a better match for your needs?

beth said...

Why does it seem so hard sometimes to get a DR with a good bedside manner - not to mention one that REALLY answers your questions, or at least appears to understand where you are coming from as the patient whose world has been turned a little upside down.

Hang in there... you are so strong. No pedicures? Maybe a massage.

Catherine said...

sorry to hear you had such a crappy day!
thinking good thoughts for you!
Catherine & Paige

Rachel H said...

Okay- what is with that Dr? How annoying!! Can anyone say preventative medicine is necessary?? I swear that too many times in the medical profession if you are not like practically dead they assume you are fine- until you have some horrible thing happen to prove them wrong.

So frustrating! Hopefully the new DR. will be slightly more helpful~!