Monday, May 05, 2008

Baby Sister!

My Baby Sister came to visit me this weekend. She decided to spend her prom money on a trip to NYC...and this after 6 different invitations to go! She is QUITE the popular one. My girls LOVED having Aunt Courtney visit. We had a wonderful time seeing shows, putting on shows on our roof deck, reading books and eating treats. We wish Aunt Courtney could be our nanny helper this summer, but it's her last one before college, so we'll let her stay at home instead of sharing a full-size bed with a bed-wetting 3-year-old.


Rachel H said...

Ohh, I know how wonderful that is! My little sis is visiting us too right now and it is such a dream! I love having her. I keep telling her I need a clone of herself so she can just be with us forever!haha!

Aprilyn said...

That is so nice. It looks like the girls adore her. My baby sister is wonderful with my children too! Stefanie does silly things like pretending to be a mad scientist while wearing those crazy glasses with the nose. The boys just love it!

courtini said...

thanks for having meee