Friday, May 09, 2008


I gave notice to my agents that I could start auditioning again on May 5th.

I didn't think much about what that might have meant for this week. I didn't worry about it or stress or brace myself or anything like that. I gave myself permission to say no to auditions if I was feeling overwhelmed or tired or not quite myself. I felt ready.

The emails came yesterday. I saw that familiar name in my inbox of my agent's assistant and I breathed a sigh of comfort, relief and joy. I did not know what to expect when it began again, but I was pleasantly surprised with my reaction. I ended up with 2 auditions today. Both girls were in school, the times and locations were managable, and I felt ready. I even lucked out and got to wear the same outfit for both auditions (a skirt was requested for both).

I only wish it hadn't been cold and wet. But, I even made it through that...thank you galloshes.

Both of my auditions went really well. The first one I had to mime eating chinese food, smiling and cross and recrossing my legs a few times. The second one I had to mime sleeping, waking up, walking, high-fiving, typing, checking out a guy and fixing my lipstick. There was a lot of miming today.

I also got another hold for a wrangling job next Saturday, and I am stoked to do a second NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program reading on Monday and Tuesday. This time it's a 20 minute one-act called "Cake". I hope we also get to eat some. Because, I really enjoy cake. Like....I love cake....especially cupcakes.


Aprilyn said...

That's great! I hope things go well for you as you get back into the swing of things.

Catherine said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and getting back to work.......take it slow, & remember to take care of YOU!
Happy early Mother's Day!
Catherine & Paige in Orlando