Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yesterday I had the inspiring opportunity to sing in a 20-minute one-act musical written by 1st-year NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writers.

The writers saw me in The Snow Queen about a month ago and requested me to be one of three cast members for their piece, entitled CAKE (honored!).

It was about a competitive eating contestant (my husband), and his nemesis. This particular competition was of cupcake eating. I was playing a high-strung, competitive and angry woman who had been disqualified from competitive eating years before because I was out of control. My husband did not know my past secret identity until the end.

I got to sing some awesomely fun pieces. Towards the end, during our climactic finale I was singing a particularly uptempo piece with a lot of words. I turned the page in character and it ripped and fell to the floor. My lyrics then became: "My page is on the floor....."

I also broke character a bit when I got a huge laugh on a line that I didn't anticipate as a "laugh line" during rehearsals. My break was just me laughing with the audience for a few beats. Shows have previews for a reason people!

Anyway, what a challenge it was to learn a show on Monday and perform it on Tuesday. It was so great singing with Jonathan Rayson and Beth Kirkpatrick as well. Beth has got herself some PIPES.

Doing these readings this past month have been such a gift to me after the adversities of late. I have definitely got the theatre bug again, but I am not sure if I am ready for the chaos that I have found auditioning for musical theatre to be...but, as my DH pointed out, now that I have had so much stress lifted by not having pup anymore, maybe I am ready...

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Catherine said...

DO IT DO IT! soon as you are 100% back to feeling good....I have such a musical theater bug, but ZERO it for the moms that don't have a chance in doggie poo to get through an audition!
sorry: just saw Wicked last weekend, and am still riding high on Defying Gravity!!
catherine & paige
in Orlando