Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Job after Bump

I still can't believe that I did a job less than 2 weeks after the Head Bump of '08. I have been modeling for about 4 years now, and I have learned that the results of a photo shoot rarely match how you felt about the photo shoot. For example, if you are feeling really great, beautiful, sexy etc., often the pictures will not reflect just how great you were feeling. Likewise, if you are sick or not feeling well or feeling like you did not look so good, you will get the pictures back and they might be pretty decent, and won't look as bad as you felt.

The job that I did shortly after my bump was so difficult. I was still on the bad medicine (thankfully the rash decided to appear the day after the job), and thus totally groggy and out of it. I didn't even remember that I had to bring a lot of choices for wardrobe, and was stuck wearing this chartreuse shirt for the entire shoot (which I like very much, but isn't the most form-fitting or most commercial color). I left the shoot thinking it would be a long shot if they even got 1 good shot from that afternoon. I got the photos today, and they actually turned out really well. I was amazed, and the lesson that I spelled out above was confirmed once again. They way I felt that day was hidden rather well (except in that photo of me lying on the floor in exasperation...that was ALL me that day)!

Getting these pix in the mail was the highlight of my day yesterday. I am having a rough go-at-it lately.


knittingirl said...

The pics turned out so great!! They could almost pass for a family portrait, except for the fake husband-guy! Sorry you're feeling run-down. I pray you're on the mend soon!

LJ said...

Adorable pictures, Kage! What beauties you and your girls are. I read your post on Tales and I am amazed at your courage and faith through adversity. Sorry the meds are challenging to deal with lately. I don't know how you do all that you do. I also commend you on how you're juggling motherhood in the middle of everything else- well done!

Katie said...

Those would brighten my day too! You all look so great!