Monday, May 26, 2008


Can you see this link?

I find the juxtaposition of the three nuvaring ads surrounding the article title: LATTER DAY RESTRAINTS to be hilarious.

I was searching for news on polygamy after I finished reading ESCAPE.

And of course I in no way mean to make light of the FLDS or their recent trials in Texas right now, mostly I liked the nuvaring ads coupled with the word Restraints.


Natasha said...

I saw the article, but there was no nuvaring ad(s). . .I wonder if they switch around each time you click on the link

Rachel H said...

I totally saw you on the side when I clicked on the flds fashion link. Pretty funny. I am sorry if this is uncaring but I just think they are Cuck-oo!!

Aprilyn said...

I guess it's mean but I think they're a bit "off" myself. I'm not a sharing kind of person. Especially when it comes to sharing my hubby. I have heard of people in Utah "swinging". I am so naive that I had no idea what that even meant until just recently. Welcome to my world of the clueless.

Jen said...

Do you recommend the book? I saw her on NPR and she gave a great interview...I bawled in my car as she described the 'lost boys' and what they do to the boys and what happens to the boys they choose not to keep on their compound. I don't know if I could handle to book to be honest.

Kage said...

jen, the author is one of the more educated of the women of the sect (she was a public school teacher and actually wrote a proposal to the state of AZ for a Charter School and was accepted and pursued for years after that when Warren Jeffs would not allow it), so I am sure she interviews very well. The book was a bit vacant emotionally, I assume because there was so much non-emotion training, so I don't think she could recount things with emotion suddenly as part of the know? If you are a mormon, it is interesting to see how some of the same doctrine is interpreted differently between LDS and FLDS.

Anyway, I did not cry...I was more like...whoa.