Friday, May 30, 2008

Lucky Mommy

The weather today is so gorgeous. While both of my kids were safe and sound at school, I tied my sneakers and went out for a power walk.

Day 5 of exercise did not involve me waking up early (sleep hygiene requires a certain amount of hours, and the LOST finale disrupted that), so instead I went on a walk after my two castings this morning. I turned on my NPR Book Podcast and off I went. I love feeling that free~

The only incident on the walk was a mother goose who hissed at me when her babies were crossing my walking path. I think I actually said out loud: "Seriously?" (or something to that affect), and passed them on a WIDE circle.

When I got home it was time for La Tortura (my new abs song), and OUCH...Day 5 of 100 abs was not fun, at all.

Tomorrow I am wrangling in the early morning, so my apartment that so needs to be clean, will just have to wait until the next rainy day...sorry house.


delilas said...

Keeping going on those crunches. No Pain, No Gain. I started yesterday and my neck is always so sore the first few 100s. I try to remember to suck in that double chin.
Happiness, Joy,

vicki said...

you go girl, i say as i'm eating my better cheddar brat, sittin' on the ol' caboose!

Elizabeth S said...

You are inspiring me! I bought my first bikini in quite some time. I must say, I don't look too bad after having four kids, but I could certainly look better! Going to do some crunches! 100 per day? I'll try.

Aprilyn said...

You're awesome. I don't think I can do 100 crunches a day. OUCH

marian said...

I'm going to join you on the 100 a day, but I decide to wait until AFTER my half marathon tomorrow - don't want to have abs of agony before I run 13 miles!!! But starting monday, I'M IN.