Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Loves May

Driving us out to get the dog
Doing night duty with the dog
Driving the dog back to where she came from
When you heard the same crash sound that I heard, running out of bed to rescue me from a seizure (which I did not have....)
Listening to me when I am having bad times....riding the rollercoaster with me
Your Bourne Ultimatum dance.
Cleaning the house while I was away working.
Picking me up and driving me to work in Brooklyn.
Letting me take an uninterrupted nap after church

Big Sis:
Helping us train the dog
Understanding about the dog having to go back home
Giving me a pep talk when I was nervous to play piano with you
You, cold calling your peops to ask for donations for your play-a-thon
Understanding when I made a mistake and booked myself on the day of your last concert. Shoot.
You on our impromptu seemed to love it
Being excited about me MCing your community service concert (as opposed to being embarrassed: ) )

Lil SIs:
Saying BYE to Uli so matter-of-factly
Being such a good walker now...after a few months of complaining about it!
You wanting to get your picture taken with the girl celebrating her Quinceneria
The way you pronounce letter's with L in them....gLass, pLayground, cLass, actuaLLy...etc.
Saying, "I'm going to take a break", or"one second" when really you needed to say: "I need to go to the bathroom."

for the two days I was your mom, I thought it was really cute when you sat on the wood floor and your little limbs would gradually slide out from underneath you.
And I enjoyed our walks too.


Heather said...

Again, I love your monthly loves. Really makes me happy to know your family!

Linz said...

Okay, I have to got to see the Bourne Ultimatum dance.

Erin Marie said...

I love your monthly loves. They always make me smile. One question: How do you remember everything that's happened in the past month? I forget what happened yesterday!

Kage said...

erin marie, I usually start the post early on in the month, and whenever I feel so inspired, I add to the post and publish it at the end of the month.....