Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Headshots!

You should know by now, if you read this blog, that I am usually up to something when I am posting a title such as New Headshots! A few examples:






Today I also post these in jest as my latest headshots, BUT I actually think they are pretty cool:

I have looked over pages and pages of contact sheets of my brain and I can't see the contusion, but I do see the deviated septum that I was diagnosed with during Harry-Potter-Tosis, which turned out to be a precursor to the Head Bump of '08!

See it? Maybe...just a little have to look close....(also sarcasm)!


tracy m said...

Why, I think they're marvelous!

BTW, I think I just saw you in a Visine commercial- was that you?

Rachel H said...

Actually I think they look really creepy- maybe you could blow up copies of them and frame them and put them up as Halloween decorations!!

Ann said...

that's amazing! it looks like a DRAWING in a textbook. i can't believe that's real!

Kage said...

tracy m, yes me, visine....the checks are starting to trickle in...phewsh...and seriously I could have used some of that Visine-A yesterday allergititos!

rachel h, kind of day of the dead ay?