Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Partial Sensory Seizure


I think I might have had my first "event" since the biggy last March. It certainly wasn't a head-concussion-causing convulsion...but it was also not just the typical small dizzy spells that I have been experiencing on and off since last August.

I haven't read up on what a seizure is like, I think because I have been in slight (ok, complete) denial that I will have another one. But I think I narrowed this event down to a Simple Partial Seizure, and more specifically, a sensory seizure. This description from the website is most like what I experienced:

"These cause changes in any one of the senses...They may feel as if they are floating or spinning in space."

It's hard to put it into words but it reminded me of a labor contraction in that it began gradually and then peaked and then came down again, lasting about 3 minutes. I felt so affected by this sort of spinning pressure that I felt I could not sit up or stand up....it felt like the pressure you might feel when ascending in an airplane or on a rollercoaster or something. It was so strange. It happened in the evening when I was very tired and getting ready to go to bed. So....the journey continues. Dang. I hope it wasn't a seizure because if it was, my countdown to driving just reset on May 2nd.

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Aprilyn said...

This may sound crazy, but did you yawn when you were done? I watched my friend have a seizure once and she just sits there and jerks. It wasn't a grand mall seizure but just a small one. She usually lays down so she doesn't hurt herself. She can feel these coming on and knows when they will stop. She yawns when she's done. If she doesn't yawn when her seizure is over, she's going to have another. Her kids know to get her a glass of water and turn a fan on her when she's having a seizure. She knows all about the not driving part of it. She had 5 kids and had to walk to the store with all of them to do her weekly grocery shopping. She also walked her kids to school every day.
Hang in there. I'll ask my friend about sensory seizures today.