Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Subway Ballerina

Several times a week, Lil Sis and I transfer at Times Square from one train to another.

A few times a week we spot a ballerina mime about halfway through our journey from one train to the next. The ballerina mime will not dance unless you feed her bucket with money. I have lost count at how much I have forked over in order to get a few ballerina moves.

Since I secretly aspire to be a subway performer, I have taken a little time to look up our ballerina girls. There are two that appear from time to time.

One is Suzanne. I like her costume very much.
The second ballerina that we see a bit more often is Therisa. She is usually wearing the outfit she is seen in here, I think because she takes her act underground (subway) when it is chilly, and that's usually where we see her, thus the gold, long coat. Therisa is always on a tall box and Suzanne on a flat piece of white board.

I love the mosaic that is New York City, and after watching a small bit of an interview of Therisa on her website, it seems that she fell in love with New York as well. Whenever I pass her, I wonder if she recognizes us. I wonder if she can see that there are patterns in commuters. Does she notice that every time she is in THAT spot at THAT time, that a little person approaches the bucket with a dollar and smiles and waves? What is the view from atop that box? And I also wonder, has she ever stumbled and fallen? I am certain that if it were me, I certainly would have multiple times.


marian said...

Ha! when I clicked on the Suzanne link, your face appeared - a nuvaring ad! Thought that was funny.

Steve said...

Therisa Barber is my friend. I'm the chap whose comemnts are preceded by the VW emblem. I've written an article about Therisa at www.therisabarberarticle.blogspot.com .

Oh, those videos on her MySpace page? I embedded them for her! So you now know whom to thank! :-D