Thursday, May 29, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She had to go in for an Avon casting today.

Avon is trying to hire the same model for different spots. One is the beauty/closeup/face shot and the other is the thighs and backside area. She was told to be prepared to have both ends photographed. She made it very clear to her agents that she is not a backside parts model...more of a hand parts model. She wasn't thrilled about getting that part of her body dissected at a casting, but she thought she would play it by ear when she got there.

She arrived at the appointed time with her little one, and apparently the casting didn't start for one hour AFTER that time. Her little one did so well pretending that the casting office was a neighborhood of castles. She took care of all the baby elephants and puppies that inhabited the pretend castle, while her mom went in and out of thinking about just how many dimples were "back there."

She was finally called into the room and the casting director soon realized that she did not have a closeup enough lens to capture the crows feet and wrinkles that are required for the ad. She had to wait a while longer while a new lens was fetched a few blocks away. It was then time to make her backside smile. She is not sure how well it did, but she chose not to think about it and just hoped that there was a very creative photoshop artist already assigned to the job. ( "Let's see, we'll just take the dimples HERE and lengthen and straighten them and graft them in HERE to make crowsfeet. Voila! You can totally use this girl for both, it will just cost you in POST.")

This was around the time the little one decided to near that tantrummy place. She hasn't brought her little one to a casting in a while, so she doesn't have the exact right tricks up her sleeve to produce that magic obedient behavior. She was grateful to a casting director who had kids the same age as hers and was really understanding. 1 hour and 50 minutes after she arrived at her casting (she was the first person to go btw), she left and rewarded her little one with a Shake Shack hotdog and a long ride on the tire swing at Madison Square Park. Then she asked to take a nap at home, but since that wasn't an option, she offered her two arms and her lap and her little one took her up on that offer and slept for an hour on a park bench until it was time for picking up big Sis and a Mister Softee Cone.


Elizabeth S said...

Am I crazy, or does that sound like a pleasant afternoon? After the casting call, of course. Something about holding little ones while they sleep is so peaceful and relaxing to me. And sweet. Those moments are the ones I want to bottle and keep. Kind of like now when my baby girl wants to hold my thumb as I type ;)

Natasha said...

ASKING for a nap? How in the world did you get her to do that???