Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Report

This past weekend my husband challenged me to a Weight Loss Competition.

In 2 months he wants to lose 20 pounds. I smiled and said, ok, I will try to lose 3 pounds before you lose 20. He was not satisfied with this. He challenged me to get my abs back. Yes, since the second baby the abs come and go. And since the Head Bump of '08, they are definitely MIA. I could care less about flabby vs. firm belly, I'm more into FLAT, and flat can be firm or flabby...it simply requires a delicate art of suck-in posture and contraction. But even so, since my recent purchase of a totally ab-concealing cute new swimsuit, I am even less motivated to "get my abs back."

I am however really wanting to get back to a regular workout routine for several reasons:

1. I have always been pretty good at working out (on and off, babies, health and other issues pending) since about age 14. As I have gotten older, when I take a break from working out, I see the affects so much faster then when I was a young spring chicken. So, I believe in it...it needs a place in my life.

2. The meds eat away my bones, cause fatigue and moments of sadness. I need to implement more weight-bearing exercise to counteract the bones, and just regular exercise in general to promote energy and endorphins!

3. I am about to pass into that 30 place, which means my metabolism is all down-hill from here. I need to get in shape so that I can have the best 30's decade ever!

And it's good for my heart and keeps my clothes fitting just right and blah blah blah.

So, I worked out yesterday! It was only the second official workout I have had since March, even though I have fit in some physical activity mostly in the form of walking as much as I can in between the 2 workouts. It felt so good, and I had a really great day yesterday. This morning I was determined to workout again. I gave myself a pep talk last night:

"When the alarm clock goes off, and you feel that you have only been sleeping for 15 minutes and need more sleep, remember that you have actually gotten 8 hours of sleep, and that your meds are tricking you into thinking you cannot possibly get up, but really you CAN. And you MUST."

So, I did. I woke up at 5:50 and got dressed and went downstairs and did my 3rd workout since HBO8 (Head Bump of '08). And now, it's 4 hours later and I am dragging. And I knew this would happen too. I have told myself to give it 2 weeks to get over that initial hump of feeling a little tired from the early rise and the exercise, but that it will be worth it. And I think it will be, but now that I have formally announced it, hopefully that will be even more motivation for me to keep going, oh yeah, and the rock hard abs that I have to get back in 2 months. Ha!

For the record, since the challenge, I have worked out twice and my DH, none...but he is still recovering from strep throat, so I'll give him a few more days because strep is SUCH a beast. And to further counteract my head start, I made a homemade banana cake with homemade chocolate frosting, and I consumed a large percentage of the 13 x 9" pan. It was abilicious.


LJ said...

That's awesome that you and your hubby are going to have a contest to help each other get motivated. Exercise is SO good for stress relief and an energy booster. I need to get back into it. You look fabulous though, and I can't imagine you needing to lose anything! I love how optimistic you are in spite of everything. Keep enjoying cake- you deserve it! :)

MKC said...

Kage, you look great, but I totally understand the want to get into better shape just to feel better. What type of workout do you do? That cake sounds awesome by the way!

delilas said...

You are so funny about your age - being almost 45 myself, you have some great years to look forward too. You still have a decade until you reach your sexual peak.:)
I will do a 10,000 crunches in 100 days challenge with you, that is only 100 a day. I have done it before and it really makes a difference. Think about it. :D

Kage said...

delilas, looking forward to those great years ahead...let's see...10K huh? I usually do about a song's worth of crunches...which is probably close to 100...I will do them again tomorrow to the same song and then I will know accurately how many I did today...

kristie said...

i worked out today too. first time in about two months. yeah for us! keep your chin up. especially since you get up at 5:30A yikes!! I know you can do it! oh, and tell DH that he can do it too! I believe in you both but, no banana cake for him. but i would like some...

Katie said...

Way to work out! You can do it. I think the morning pep talks are a killer though! I am finally for the first time ever working out in a gym and I LOVE it. Keep at it, you!