Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday the kids at Big Sis' school played their instruments all day long at our local Barnes and Noble to raise money for their school.

Before we were up to play, I was on duty to promote the event to the B and N shoppers. Big Sis and her friend and I announced the concert and started making up lines to attract attention. Ok, I was the only one making up lines, they were just encouraging me and choosing which lines they liked the best. Big Sis liked this one: "Come see today's musical prodigies in a free concert. Next time you see these talented kids you will have to pay big bucks, but today, it's free!"

I think I freaked Raul Esparza out when I yelled, "Raul, come see the free concert, support the school!" He was nice about it, I was just trying to be funny by calling out a local celeb.

I wore my beautiful vintage-print music note skirt and my little coral cardigan. It was my first time playing the piano to accompany Big Sis on her violin. I was nervous, but she kept telling me, "Mom, it's over in a snap." Funny. I wonder if she even has any concept of how much I have performed in my lifetime (not piano mind you)! It's funny that she's giving ME advice on the nerves.

It went pretty well. I only made a few mistakes. She was pretty much perfect. We had such a fun time drumming up pledges for the event. She made a lot of calls to her friends and family asking them to make a pledge for her play-a-thon. Serious cute factor right there. My cousins from Utah even stopped by to see her perform, as they were in town and having lunch just up the street. So, that was one snapshot of our weekend. I'm dying right now because her end-of-year concert just started 9 minutes ago and I am missing it. Frontal Lobe! I committed to a job without first checking my calender and now I am stuck not seeing it. Thank goodness for the video camera.

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