Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to Reality

Today I had an audition for a 50-year-old Children's Theatre company.

The Paper Bag Players is the name of the company, and their studio workshop is full of you guessed it....paper bags and cardboard. I auditioned in a small group of girls with a few company members and the artistic director. She was an elderly lady who spoke so quietly as she gave direction, but had a boisterous voice while doing her singing line of the audition. In groups of three we each sang a brief solo line and she sang the 4th, purposely loud and out of tune. It was hilarious. I decided right then and there I want to be her when I grow up.

After our group of 6 sang and walked (a tiny little dance step), 2 of us were asked to stay and read. As I was one of those asked to stay and read a few sides, I felt good about the audition. They let us know callbacks would be in about a week. I am not sure what the commitment is like. The contract is September to May, but I don't know how rigorous the performance schedule is. We'll see what happens...I am just glad to be auditioning for's been a while.

This afternoon Big Sis swindled me into taking her to not one, but two pools. We arrived at our local public pool right before the 1-hour break, so after we swam for 45 minutes, she convinced me to call a friend who has a pool on the roof of her building. Luckily she was at home and available to let us on up. So, we swam for another hour in a pool about 1/40th the size of the public one...and only 1 other person in it, instead of a LOT.

Swimming and sunning is not #1 on my list, but I felt good about it because it is our first official day of summer and swimming is what kids like to do in summer right? RIGHT.


Heather said...

I LOVE the first swim of the year...even though it's always crowded and "swimming" usually consists of bumping into people, and getting water up your nose!

Aprilyn said...

We bought a big inflatable pool for our backyard and we love it. I only wish the water were a bit warmer. :)