Monday, June 02, 2008

Exercise Week 1

So. I exercised Monday through Saturday last week.

For me to exercise 6 days in a row is pretty unheard of. I only woke up early 3 of the 6 days because Monday my DH had the day off so I could do it at my leisure, and Friday both of my kids were in school all day so I could do it in the afternoon. Aside from the 100 abs a day (skipping Sunday....sorry girls, but I can't do it EVERY day), I did a lot of power walking outside and power walking on incline on the treadmill. I also did some minimal muscle stuff with my own body weight and using light weights for arms and the ball for squats and leg lifts.

This week was the first in some time that I felt most like myself for many days in a row. I wasn't brought down with medicine-manufactured bad feelings or dizzy moments that jarred me out of the present and into the vat of my current life struggle. I even had the return of pressing, urgent, you-must-do-this-or-die creative thought. This can be a burden because I sometimes feel panicked by the desperate need to DO DO DO...but at the same time, it was welcome because that is the true me returning.

I am hoping that I can manage the DO factor that is my true self, a bit better then I have in the past. I hope to continue on this slow/manageable pace of life that I have adopted since March. My goal is to allow myself the luxury of the not get swept up in the panoramic thoughts that are returning, and just enjoy each moment as they come.

So, who knew exercise could do all that, and strengthen my heart and help to regulate my bowels to boot! I have plans to do as much exercise this week as I did last week. I feel that it is essential for me in fighting against the side effects of the evil evil anti-seizure meds!


LJ said...

Awesome, Kage. I'm so glad it's helping. It is amazing the difference exercise can make in so many aspects of our lives! You've inspired me to actually get up and work out too...

Heather said...

Congrats on the BM's!

Elizabeth S said...

That's so great!