Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gradually Going Green

Planet Green. Has it shown up on your cable yet?

Okay I know that watching tv with the electric air conditioning pumping isn't exactly Green...but I would say I watch much less tv then the average american, and I am not one to have it on for background noise.

I do, however need to chill for a few hours at night, and I usually tivo a little something or other. My latest addiction is checking out the new shows on Planet Green, and most specifically, Living with Ed. Seriously, I would love living the way he does, if I had a 48-hour day and a chunk of change to invest in solar paneling, solar ovens, land for a garden, a prius etc. etc. (Is writing etc. twice redundant? I think it might be).

Until I can become Ed Begley, I will continue to be voracious about recycling, using my own bags, recycling boxes, and not back out of my promise to have a compost pile when I get a yard some day....oh and a worm composter for the yard too.

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timo said...

We should chat sometime about all this. I recently made lasagna (from dry noodles) in my solar oven (cardboard + foil), purchased a small panel array from costco and grow more tomatoes than I can eat in a 3x9' space.