Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The season of dirty feet has begun.

The past two days I have spent nearly the entire day out and about (so glad I don't have a puppy). Lil Sis has been a pretty great little trouper as I schlepp her here and there. The past few days have been go-sees for Swanson, Reebok and Lumi Smile. I have also made some park stops and even saw our first summer concert of the season this morning~ Danna Banana at Madison Square Park.

Since my DH is away, my workout was a walk from 27th and 5th to 63rd and Broadway today. It took me longer than I expected, about 1 hour. I WAS pushing a large, sleeping toddler in a stroller with my flip-flops and denim pencil skirt in the hot hot heat, so I guess an extra 15 minutes is warranted.

Now I am watching CNN (The best political team on television....those poor people who have to say that EVERY time)...and waiting anxiously to see where those delegates will land. I have been out of the political loop for a while, but it's starting to creep into my thoughts again lately.

I am looking forward to a few mail-order purchases arriving in the next few days, including these jellies in clear and brown! I SO hope they fit and are comfortable.

In other news, there has been evidence of Nuvaring being aired past it's contract....so thanks to all of you out there keeping tabs on the work so that my agents can fight for the bucks!

I have reached my 3-month mark since the HB08. I put a call in to my neurologist to see if I can get permission to drive via phone appointment, so stay tuned for driving news. Don't hold your breath though, I am fully expecting a big fat NO.

Tonight I think I will settle in to what might be my new favorite show, Verminators, while I catch up on some scrapbooking, after I do my 100 crunches, after I take my ibuprofen to get rid of my new HB08 headache that flairs up with the moisture in the air, after I post this and get the kids out of the tub and get them into their little bunks.


Elizabeth S said...

LOVE the shoes!!

Sue said...

hmmmm, read this after I sent you that email. I have seen your ad more lately than ever.