Friday, June 27, 2008

Lil Cat

Once she spied the face painting, suddenly she was capable of patience.

She waited and watched intently as the face painter transformed two little girls faces, before her very eyes. I don't know what was so fascinating to her....the model or the artist. She enjoys painting at school, and she also enjoys when I put makeup on her face. The entire process was just completely centering for her.

As she watched the first little girl get transformed into a puppy, I asked her what she wanted, and she came up with a kitty cat that was pink with blue stripes. The girl ahead of her heard this, and told the artist: I would like a pink cat with blue stripes. The non-conformist in me did not enjoy hearing this, but the leader in me was glad that Lil Sis took a stand, made a choice, and inspired other people to follow.

She embodied that cat for most of the night. She meowed and crouched and in general, was just totally bananas cute.

It was a highlight of our Victorian Gardens evening for sure.
Big Sis got a butterfly, and did a fair amount of fluttering throughout the night as well.


Ashley said...

That is such a cute story and their faces look awesome!

Heather said...

Victorian Gardens? Tell me more!!! Where is this mystical Garden?

Anonymous said...

Geesh. When I was a kid, we thought we were "rad" if we had a little balloon painted on our cheek. This is waaaay "radder" than that!

:o) Hannah

Sue said...

Yes, um, really amazing face painting!

Aprilyn said...

Now THAT is face painting! I love that kind of face painting. Nathan was a tiger last year when we had Dream Night at the Zoo. It was a LOOOONG line but worth it.