Sunday, June 01, 2008

A little taste of nature and trampolines

On Saturday I was booked to wrangle for one of my favorite clients: TJX.

This was my first Back to School job of the year (already?) for signage for Marshalls. Our location was in Brooklyn at Poly Prep Country Day School. As we approached the gated entrance of the campus we passed by a bus stop with a chicken sitting on the bench. I wish I had my camera, because I am quite certain that is the first and last time I will see a chicken sitting waiting for the bus. As we drove in I saw that it was sn expansive campus of green, fountains, ponds, athletic fields, playgrounds and goregous facilities.

Our main location was an RV outside the front of the building. There were a few extremely tame bunnies that hung out close by and let the child models pet them and feed them snacks. I realized that the bunnies are domesticated and must be very used to children who attend the school, but still I had to keep pinching myself that I was still in New York. As I was leaving for the day I noticed at least 5 different breeds each of geese, ducks, roosters and more bunnies all hanging out in a field near the gates of the school. As I was waiting for my husband to pick me up, a few roosters hopped through the gates and hung out on the sidewalk just like pigeons, only less jumpy. And the cock-a-doodle-dooing was again, very NON-New York sounds!

The shoot itself was a lot of fun. The kids got to jump on the trampoline for most of the shots. We got some really great tricks going on with back flips and splits and touching toes and all kinds of other gymnastics that when poorly demonstrated by me, only hurt my back. I avoided the trampoline because since having babies, it takes much concentration to not pee my pants when trampolining or jump roping (I found out earlier this month when challenged to a double-dutch contest in Cali)..but I did have to demonstrate one time, and luckily I did not wet my pants.

When the rain descended and downpoured upon us, we had our lunch break inside the very crowded RV and then moved inside to the classrooms. We had more acrobatics in front of book cases and blackboard and desks, and we all held our breath that no child would hurt themselves...we got some really fun stuff.

As I left, I asked the guard how I might visit the Poly Prep school again, only next time with my kids...and as I expected it's pretty private and unfortunately I could tell that, because it was such a beautiful place, and kept up very well. There are swimming lessons in the summer, but since I don't drive, and lessons are not offered on Saturdays, that is not an option for us. I guess for now the post remains a plug for those of you in Brooklyn who can afford such a school, it really is a treasure amid this crazy patchwork city we live in.

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Ann said...

at first i wasn't sure if it was a real chicken or someone in a chicken costume-which is where my mind first went until i kept reading. sounds like a beautiful day!