Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I arrived at the audition around 8:30. The line was long. The room was hot. I set up Lil Sis with a movie on my mac while I waded through the room while keeping my place in line.

My plan was to try to get an early time slot, so that I could make it to Big Sis' school by noon for my mystery reader appearance. As body after body signed up and the available starting time got later and later, I started to think of a plan B...which was to take the last time slot, get a sitter for the afternoon and just go home after the sign in.

When I finally reached the table there were only about 10 slots left for the entire day, and 4:10 won out. BUT It was now close to 10, I had a noon appearance at Big Sis' school, a 2:50 pick-up of Big Sis and a 7 o clock curtain...what to do what to do....

I decided to stay in the city, but my BAG was so heavy what with my book of music and the computer and all the accoutrement that come with being a mystery reader and mom extraordinaire (ie WIGS...which btw, we wore out of the casting studios...watch out here comes Annie and Tinkerbelle.) So, I made my way to Big Sis' school and dropped off my bag in secret, so that I didn't break my back and sweat through my wardrobe.

Lil Sis and I then did a little cosmetics shopping, lunch eating and playground playing until it was time to don our wigs. I straightened her tinkerbelle and I adjusted my Annie Wig and then we arrived to read Cat in the Hat, Paperbag Princess, No Oridnary Olive and Olivia Saves the Circus...all very fun read-alouds I might add.

After this we met up with a friend at Central Park during her lunch break. While we sat on a bench waiting for her we observed dogs. We saw a beautifully groomed black standard poodle with a very chic middle-aged woman as owner, walking through the park. We were watching her and admiring her beautiful dog when all of a sudden she started ranting and raving.

As the horse-drawn carriages passed her she screamed at the drivers and passengers: "This is abuse. These animals are old and exhausted. Get them off the street. This is abuse." She attacked about 3 different drivers with her screams, and they seemd to smile and egg her on a bit, almost like this was a daily routine with them. I was so taken aback! Never judge a standard poodle and it's owner by their cover...there can be a Crazy hidden under all that fluff.

After that Lil Sis needed to go to the potty right away. Being in the park, I told her we could try to find some grass to go in where it was secluded. We went exploring in the foliage but only happened upon a girl who was dancing quite dramatically and with quite a bit of passion. Lil sis just stood and stared and said: "She needs music. Where's her music?" I tried to explain that she had music in her head and that we couldn't pee here.

We made our way to The Shops at Columbus Circle for a potty break and a jamba juice. Did you know they will split the power size into two sixteen ouncers? You save like 3 bucks by doing that.

Finally we made it to pick up Big Sis and then we all trekked back to the audition studios and set up shop again....snack, computer, Cinderella III, promises of extra super snacks if we don't spill the jamba juice AGAIN, and don't have a meltdown after that long long day.

A beautiful woman, Miss Lynn appointed herself as Steward over the little ones, and helped keep them occupied while I was in the room. I sang a brief Reflection from Mulan and I was glad that I saw it through to that moment, especially after I noticed the 14 inch stack of headshots of hopefuls that did not make it into the room today. We then packed up AGAIN and made it all the way home in surprisingly good spirits, stopping for a super snack of watermelon for Big Sis and 2 hard-boiled eggs for Lil Sis. Yummy.

I ate and changed clothes and made my way to Lincoln Center to see my first LCT production of the brand spankin' newly awarded Tony show SOUTH PACIFIC.

Stop what you are doing. Go to Orbitz.com RIGHT now and book your flights. You must see it before Paolo leaves. The show is just stunning, I sat there smiling the entire time, and of course shed some tears.

I happened to walk by the stage door on my way to the subway and saw my little friend who stars as Jerome and he gave me a backstage tour, which is always a bonus. The standout performance for me was Danny Burstein. Serious Powerhous that one.

In three minutes I will have been up for 18 hours. That's a long time for me...that is NOT following my sleep hygiene...so ga'night.


LJ said...

Wow- what an amazingly crazy and busy day! I so enjoyed reading about your adventures and I about died laughing at the "she has music in her head" part. :) Good luck on the audition results! I'm sure you sang beautifully.

Ann said...

just reading that makes me tired! i'm so glad you read paperbag princess to the class-that's one of my all time favorites! just saw some numbers from south pacific on the tonys the other night-i'd forgotten what a fun musical that was! glad you survived your busy day!

Chloe said...

WHEW...I'm getting sleepy reading about your day. Good job keeping your energy up.

wendysue said...

South Pacific really is wonderful isn't it? I loved it!!