Monday, June 30, 2008

My Loves June

Lil Sis:
Your L's are still so great: cLass, cLock, bLack, cLap, vioLin, Lips, Low, sLow...I love the way you pronounce them.
Asking how the cat, FriGOleeto is.....the cat's name is actually Frijolito...H sound, not G
Making houses and airplanes with the blankets and jumpropes
Falling asleep in random do this in spurts...I think it means extra growing.
Being a really good walker (finally)
The way you pronounce sunscreen: skrumskreen
Getting wet in the sprinklers, fully-clothed..and being cold on the way home, even though I tell you the consequences. you cannot resist water.
Your pronunciation of the word breakfast: Every morning: "Can you make me breckess?"
Wanting to Skype Coco and Grammy & Papa

Big Sis:
Thanking me with more sincerity then I have seen from you in a long time, after I took you to Victorian Gardens.
Forgiving me my many many weaknesses (many)
Your enthusiasm for summer reading...chapter books.
Enjoying Violin practice most mornings.
The way YOU pronounce sunscreen: Sunscream
Your infectious enthusiasm for basically everything in life.
The grounded feeling I get when you take my hand. Sometimes it's the only gesture that makes me feel whole during my chaotic days.
Spooning into me and saying: "Im your cuddle bug."
Wanting to save Wall-E to see with Grammy and me, and choosing to go to the pool instead.

Talking me through my manic morning...with a little song to boot.
Not questioning me for a second when I wanted to go to the funeral. Texting me about it while in a meeting.
Getting up every morning with the kids so that I can exercise. Making lunches and breakfast for the girls.
Getting home when I need to go out.
Reading RATS with me.
Balancing the checkbook after I overspend and forget to log my purchases.
Being excited when I get my inconsistent paychecks.
Being excited about planning our 10-year-anniversary trip
Working so hard on your diet....keep up the good work honey.

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