Friday, June 13, 2008

My Third Child

My third child is

the violin. Violin, meet the the violin.

For the past year I have spent much time with Big Sis and my third child, violin. We have had ups, downs, joy, tears, and even probably the biggest fight we have ever had, EVER....yes my daughter and I had a screaming mess over the violin.

She has hit me with the bow....and there is a strong possibility that I have hit her with it as well (I think I have blocked that in my mind)....please don't report me, if you have ever studied the violin with a 5-year-old, you will understand.

Lil Sis totally busted the first bow....just pulled that horse hair RIGHT out. She also occassionally pulls out a mini violin that we are borrowing from a friend, and tries her hand at a few tunes....even though it only has 3 strings, and only 2 that are functioning.

When our journey began I humbly thought I might be pretty equipped to handle violin-study. After all, I do have a Bachelor of Music which is not NOTHING right?

I was completely overwhelmed with the entire process of studying this instrument! I stressed about it for a while, but then we started settling into a good routine, and we started making progress! I have avoided blogging much about it, so there really should be several posts about my feelings by now, but the above are just a few of my musings.

Around winter we got a memo from the teacher that we needed to increase our practice time to 60-90 minutes a day. That was my second freak out...(the first being, the beginning)....I decided we would try for 30-60 minutes, and possibly more than 60 on weekends. I also polled the other parents in her class (all the children study an instrument), and they assured me most of them were not doing any more than 30 minutes, and most were doing 15 to 20 minutes. Phewsh. I found our happy medium.

Last night Big Sis had her last performance of the year...and played her entire first year repertoire. Her teacher emailed me this morning:

"Congrats on Big Sis' performance. She really excels when she gets in front of
people. She didn't show any fear or nervous feelings. I think she is a
natural performer."

Another child in her class' mom also noted that she had improved much since the mid-year concert and that she was a "stand-out."

Finally some feedback! Playing the violin with Big Sis day in and day out with nothing but constructive criticism from teacher twice a week gets a little lonely. I just didn't know how she was doing, but I think I can safely say that year 1 has been a success!

You can judge for yourself:


Ashley said...

Wow she looks great!

kj said...

Amazing! Great memory, good ear for the tune, and happy shoes.

Ann said...

call me judgemental, but i was pretty nervous to hit play on your video-picturing screeching and scratching (just because she's so young to be playing such a difficult instrument) I didn't think someone so young could sound so good! Big Sis has proved me wrong, and I'm happy to admit it. She did great! I'm very impressed. She sounds wonderful! Way to go BOTH of you!

Kage said...

Ann, I know right? She and I actually do a pretty good imitation of a bad sounding violin with our voices.

Kids are amazing...they pick up on this stuff so fast. And though she reads music, I can tell she plays by ear quite a bit...only a small child can like know by listening where to put there finger on the board....crazy....but to her credit, she has practiced A LOT. I treated her to a mani/pedi yesterday because she has worked so hard all year.

SingerMamaMelody said...

Wow! Big Sis has a great ear. :) It was fun to hear her/see her playing her little violin. She's doing a lovely job!

nowlze said...

go on, big sis!!! she should be so proud!!

her bowing and phrasing are FANTASTIC!

i love that you treated her to a mani-pedi. this is what i imagine must be so fun about having little girls. :)

Lisa said...

I have stayed in this home and these parents are COMMITTED! The violin starts up every morning at 7AM sharp. It is quite amazing and it has obviously paid off. Way to go, darling granddaughter!

Aprilyn said...

That was AWESOME! She's VERY talented. I'm really impressed!!

DTA said...

Applause! Applause! To both granddaughter and daughter and to son in law and lil sis who support this too!

All my love,

mj said...

She is really good, & so young! Great job to all of you! I play the violin myself, but (unfortunately) I don't have the patience/willpower to teach my own kids right now--it is such a hard instrument, and practicing can be so frustrating... so we're sticking with piano right now. I think one of my kids at least will eventually do violin, but it will have to be someone who really wants to do it. :)