Monday, June 23, 2008

On a Roll

Since I am a member of Actors Equity Association, I have the opportunity to attend many audition offerings here in the big city.

The process for these auditions can be daunting, especially compared to my more regular audition situation of getting a time, having a typically minimal wait, and having my agent do my bidding for me.

For theatre, I have no agent, so I am left to get the appointments on my own. I attend this array of auditions sporadically. I get motivated and then after several schleppy days or long lines or bad auditions or callbacks that lead to another callback and then nowhere....I lose my motivation. Add to that dragging along one or both kids...and making them wait too..forget it!

Right now I am on a motivated upswing. I think that it started after the exercise upswing (which, btw is still going decently well....only 4 days last week, but if you count the day I vigorously cleaned my house, then 5). On June 13th I had 2 open-calls that I attended and last week 3. Also last week I missed 2 that I really wanted to attend, but I am also on a just-say-no and self-care upswing, so something's gotta give.

Today, however I had another chance at one of the auditions I missed last week. I got a sitter for Lil Sis, dropped Big Sis off at school, (DH had a golf outing, lucky), and then headed downtown to the Public. I got an audition slot for 10:30. Instead of sitting around for 1 hour, I headed back up to Telsey at Times Square and got an 11:10 slot for Rock of Ages, realizing that I would probably not make it to the 11 AM check-in time....but there was lots of open space so I just had faith all would work out..and if it didn't, there were 2 more days of auditions for Rock of Ages, so I was ok....but I had the babysitter TODAY!

Anyway, Bounce at the Public went ok...I had a little frog in a few notes, but come on, it was early. I then BOUNDED uptown to get to Rock of Ages, and after running enough to induce a little splintage in the shins and definite sweat on the brow, I was like 20 seconds late for my check-in time. Crikey! Those unionites are sticklers for RULES!

It was ok though because the monitor said he could fit me in a slot 15 minutes later. As I found a spot to settle into in the waiting room, I noticed yet ANOTHER audition going on for ANOTHER show that I MISSED last week, so I was able to fit my GRINCH audition into that 15 minutes! As soon as I exited GRINCH I was escorted right into Rock of I went from a 1930's Rodgers and Hart piece to ALONE by Heart. Wicked. I thought I sang both of those auditions pretty well, and I attribute my happy adrenaline, exercise...that jog from 7th to 8th ave. is a bit of a beast! Maybe I will start getting my heart rate way up right before singing a demanding rock ballad in the future.

To top off my on-a-roll feeling. I got a call today from someone who received my resume in the mail! Seriously, this, in itself is a miracle. So, I guess I will attribute that one to my new headshots by MaryJane. callbacks, no holds, no bookings, but I am feeling good about this recent motivational, musical theatre upswing.


kj said...

Way to dive back into auditioning. That was one busy and very happy day for you! Keep rollin'

Linz said...

This could definitely be counted as a day of exercise.