Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pampers Casting

We could go one of three days, I, of course, chose Saturday.

I thought it was a Pull-ups casting, so I was ok with taking Lil Sis, because she still wears a Pull-up to bed, and doesn't seem to mind the idea of wearing a pull-up. But, it was Pampers, which are diapers.

When we got there they asked what size she wore, and I said..."I think the last size I bought was a 4." They suggested a 6, we compromised on a 5. I tried to nonchalantly suggest we put a diaper on her and she said "NO" in thae way that indicated she was about to escalate, so I said: "That's don't have to put a diaper on...."

One last ditch effort: "Do you want to pretend you're a baby and put on this diaper, or go home?" Her choice was clear. We returned the diaper and the child nurse on set congratulated me for being a good mom.

As we held hands and vigorously skipped down the hallway toward the elevator, Lil said: "Mom, I'm not a baby anymore, I'm a KID!" That you are my love, that you are.


Chloe said...

Look at that big girl must have been so proud :)

Beth said...

I love that story!

Aprilyn said...

She's a kid and she definitely knows it!! No pampers for that girl!