Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sometimes I feel guilty posting about auditions I have, in case I am like giving away industry secrets or something....

So, I won't give away the company or the main idea of the commercial, but only what I had to do for the audition yesterday.

I had to lick.

Lick, lick, lick. I had to pretend lick. I pretend-licked stuff and then I actually licked a disposable spoon.

It wasn't sexy or raunchy or was just matter-of-fact licking.

10 years plus acting experience has lead me to this. When I told my fellow-kindergarten mom about my audition, she remarked that if she could see anyone doing that audition, it would be me.

Was that a compliment?

Hmmmm....I mean.....schlurp.


vicki said...

I hopr it was worth the calories????? And if not, let the pay check rule!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi There

I'm a mom based in the UK and have been following your blog since catching you on an episode of catwalk moms (runways moms). I had to post a comment as I saw you on an advert last night for huggies pull-ups. It was a western style advert with the little boy taking on the toilet, wild west style. You appeared in the background wearing a red gingham shirt. Luckily we have Sky Plus as I had to rewind many times to make sure it was you. Anyway, I'm convinced it was - hope I'm right.


Kage said...

Oh snap...Anne! Totally me....and I haven't seen a dime yet.....I shot that commercial just a few days before my head bump....I feel like I was a totally different person back then. Thanks for commenting....

Ann said...

I THOUGHT that was you! I saw that commercial a few days ago-but was hardly paying attention. I thought I saw you, then figured they'd show you again-but not so much. I'll just have to pay more attention next time!

Anonymous said...

Hello, hello!

I watched your episode on Runway Moms, and was so proud that you totally represented the LDS moms! LOL :) Anyway, great work I have a few questions regarding modeling - wondering if you would contact me when you have a sec - although with kiddos in tow - I know that might be a little tricky. Well, when/if you can...I'd love to hear from you! Thanks! CS