Thursday, June 12, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She was sitting at the park last week chatting it up with her fellow parents. She saw this lady walk by with a microphone and a camera guy tailing her.

She thought she recognized her as the Seasonique girl. She excused herself from her conversation and approached her.

"Hey, you're the birth control girl." She said.

Birth control girl then replied: "YOU'RE the birth control girl."

A conversation ensued about the business, the recent SNL commercial mocking all birth control commercials, and Cheating Moms.


Back from watching? Ok...

Seasonique girl, who turned out to have a name, interviewed her for her new job on moblogic tv. She found some of the questions to be a little uncomfortable, but did her best to help out a fellow entertainer (does birth control commercials count as entertainment?)

She is glad she had her makeup done that day at least....

Watch her appearance on mob logic below:


marian said...

love it! I thought you did a great job and you look great - I know what I look like at the playground on a hot day, and it isn't like that!

TftCarrie said...

When I saw that commercial on SNL, I totally thought of you -- my birth control friend!

Chloe said...

First of all, that last mom is a riot - "Drugs? Viagra? 10 minutes free time...alone...seriously" - funny stuff there. They should do a show with her.

And when I saw that commercial skit on SNL I totally thought of you, too :)

You looked great, btw :)

Ashley said...

Hahaha that was actually a funny video.

You looked great!