Friday, June 13, 2008

Video Friday

I did not have a stroke, but I did have a little experience that has brought me much pause of late.

I listened to a podcast of this brain-genious Jill Bolte Taylor, and I was speechless, but if I had to find words, I would say I found it inspirational.

I could not imbed the video, so click here to watch it instead.

I ordered her book to read as soon as I finish RATS. If you have about 15 minutes, it's really worth watching this video clip.


wendysue said...

Very interesting! Actually my dentist was just talking about her on Wednesday at work. . .she's leaving dentistry to go back to education (she used to be a teacher) and specifically brain-based learning. She has a daughter that is highly-gifted and ADHD. She's fancinated by the way that the right brain vs. left brain works and lives.

Melissa said...

So, I've never been to NYC - but last night I had the craziest dream that I was there. And wouldn't you know it - of all the people in NY, I ran into you and your visiting mom. You two were adorable. Just thought I'd share!

Liz said...

I just saw your pull-ups commercial on TV. Love the long hair!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kage,
Thank you so much for sharing Dr. Taylor's TED video, and recommending her book MY STROKE OF INSIGHT. I can't remember when I've seen such an inspirational video, and the book is wondrous and magical. I'm going to give it to my children and friends.
Do you know where Dr. Taylor talks or if there is any place to find programs that teach the wisdom of connection and right brain being and all her other great lessons?
Also, I found some Oprah interviews with Dr. Taylor on YouTube. You might want to check them out as well.
I'd call this a transformational movement more than anything, wouldn't you?

Kage said...

Cynthia, thanks...I did listen to her Oprah interviews, and then looked up her speech. I would love to see her sing her Brain Donation song in person....let me know if you find anything. You might like A NEW EARTH too....