Thursday, July 31, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She had a few goals for the day: Get an appointment with a new OB/GYN (one with experience in maternal-fetal-neurological stuff) for her annual exam, order some more contacts online, and clean the house.

She set about making her phone calls to find a doctor with free space in the practice and who took her insurance. Receptionist after receptionist turned her away for one reason or another, and after the 6th name she crossed off her list, she lost it.

She just melted into a puddle of her own tears.

She took a few breaths and tried again.

She logged on to 1-800-Contacts dot COM and filled in her prescription and how many boxes she wanted. She entered her credit card and got an email explaining the pending doctor approval. No problem, she had done this before several years ago.

Within 15 minutes, Pearle Vision called her and matter-of-factly explained that her prescription was expired by a few weeks, so her approval was denied. The woman on the line questioned why she was going through 1800contacts when Pearle Vision matches their prices.

She thought about the past several months and how many doctors she had seen, medical bills she had paid, how she did not enjoy driving, how she couldn't imagine an eye exam with her children present and the inconvenience of the eye exam when her eyes had not changed in the past year (or the past 8 years for that matter).

The PV woman argued about the prices and offered to get her a trial pair to get her by. PV woman suggested she come over and pick up a trial pair.

They argued and she was asked the following questions from PV Woman:
"Why are you going to 1800 Contacts when we have the same prices?"
"Why don't you just come in for an appointment?"
"Why don't I give you a trial pair?"

She finally sobbed: "I just cannot get my eyes checked right now. The whole point of 1800Contacts is so that I can sit here and order my contacts and they get delivered to my door. I have had a difficult spring with an epilepsy diagnosis and I haven't been able to drive and my eyes are fine and I just need to be able to SEE!"

The PV woman then backed down and became empathetic and promised to see what she could do.

She explained that she wasn't trying to take anything out on her, that it was just a bad moment of months of trial just escalating this morning in this moment and that she was sorry.

Really, it was just PMS.

PV Woman called back promptly and explained that she arranged for her to get a 3-month supply delivered to her door and that the insurance covered the whole thing.

She started to cry again and thanked her profusely and apologized again for her erratic sobs.

As she sat on the kitchen floor weeping and wailing, Lil Sis told her repeatedly to calm down and be happy, and Big Sis gave her a little hug. She called her DH who told her not to do anything else that day, don't even try to clean, he told her. He then asked to speak to Big Sis. When they were done she asked Big Sis what Daddy said. Her reply: "I don't remember."

DH told her he explained to Big Sis that mommy was having a bad day and that it had nothing to do with her, it was just because of chemicals and not to worry, Mommy will be better tomorrow.

She spent the rest of the day shopping online. And he was right, the next day, she was back to normal and her period started right on schedule. Welcome back PMS, she's missed you since HB08! (sarcasm).

My July Loves

"Oh My Goodness" when you saw the large, white van picking us up at the airport in San Antonio
Being excited about being a First-timer to san Antonio
Your nerves the morning before the Bishop
Being excited about our Texas African Safari and helping the girls feed the many exotic Texan animals...including the Emu
First day on the job of are so sweet and concerned...
Giving me a hug.
Telling me not to worry about the neighbor troubles and taking care of you always do.
Getting up with the kids every morning so that I can work out or get some extra zzzzzzzz's

Big Sis:
Saying to Lil Sis over and over again before Swimming Lessons: "Are you scared? are you scared? are you scared?" and then it turns out, YOU were the one who was a little scared.
Expressing regret at leaving Texas: I miss Texas....(WHAT DO YOU MISS ABOUT TEXAS?) My family.....awwww....
Being so tired after swimming...
Playing barbies, pretending, dressing up...being a kid.
Your face when you lie, DEAD giveaway...
Always being willing to have a little cuddle time.
Requesting Fraggle Rock
insisting that you have to have popcorn a the movies because that is what Grammy taught you.

Lil Sis:
"Can we got to the show and get Lemolade and Cockorn?"
Being so brave at your first swimming lesson.

More L's:

Are we walking or carring?
Being brave at the big giant pool....being so tired after swimming
Letting the wind blow your hair and insisting you are Pocahontas
Your singing voice
Playing your tiny violin: "I like chocolate ice cream."
Taking over the violin practice for me and telling Big Sis to "SLOW DOWN"
Let's talk about Texas (even after we got back)....and
Let's talk about Chicago

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lunch with Big Sis

We love it when it's just the two of us. It reminds us of those quiet moments when we were negotiating our new life and mommy.

Today we lunched at Columbus Circle. We both jumped when a giant German Shephard walked VERY close to us before he took a dip in the fountain. We watched the little sparrows beg for crumbs and both hated it when a few pigeons tried to get in on the party.

The photos were taken with my new point-n-shoot. My camera phone is not enough, I have to have a little image-capturer with me at all times in this great city, so I finally got a little tiny camera and case to throw in the bag.

Wrangling for Marshalls

Remember the trampoline job?

The pix are out, you can see them here.

They turned out well, I just wish I could save some of the images for my portfolio...any computer peeps know how to do that? Like, freeze the computer frame? I need help!

I figured it out!

Gradually Going Green

Sometimes when I throw away what appears to be good food, in the garbage, I wish I could add a post-it to it, for the desparate soul that comes along and thinks they have a find, and let them know WHY I threw it in there....usually because it fell in a really nasty place around the subway.

Sometimes, when I throw something recyclable in the trash can, I feel okay about it, because I know that there are people on the streets of New York who make a living by rifling through the garbage and collecting my recyclable waste. This is another reason why I like living here, because there are people actively looking for recyclable trash.

In my building, on each floor there is a refuse closet to place recyclables on shelves and in bins, and a shoot to throw the trash down. I visit this closet at least once a day. Every once in a while a neighbor has cleaned out their magazine stack, and I silently say: "SCORE!" I pick up a stack and page through them for a few days, and then return them to the refuse closet. I feel good about this little green effort that I make occasionally, to give those recyclable magazines ONE more life. I don't think I could be like the freegans, finding food in the garbage, but a magazine, on a shelf full of recyclable paper, I am totally ok with.

Today, I popped out of the door for my second visit to the refuse closet, and my downstairs neighbor was standing, waiting for the elevator (not green...ok, I use it 9 out of 10 times too), holding one of the recyclables that I had put in the closet earlier, in her hand. She had a little guilty look on her face when she saw me, but hey, she's reusing...I'm ok with it. Take that 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon and go USE that coupon lady!....just please ask them to recycle it afterwards.

Then after a few seconds past, I wondered if it was creepy that she was going through our recylcables. Then I asked myself if it's creepy that I had borrowed magazines from our community recyclables? I concluded that same-floor reusing is okay, but going UP the elevator to snoop through the other floors' recyclables is not okay...even if it's in the name of reusing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Retail Therapy

Since I get paid in chunks, I spend time making lists of purchases I want to make, once I have a small portion of that chunk in my hot little bank account. The rest goes to pay off THE CONDO...

So....I got to check a bunch of things off my list recently because I got a chunk.

I hope these flats fit because I wore my first pair of black flats into the ground....this will be my first try at zappos, and I am excited about the free shipping both ways in the event they don't fit.

I bought these boots but I am not totally sold on the picture. I hope they aren't as chunky as they seem....

I much prefer that THESE work out...they look beautiful...I just hope they are rugged ENOUGH for the city-beating they will get.

I acquired some great rainboots at a church Soup N Swap last fall, but the boots wore out on the inside making my heels blister, so I am on to my next pair of rain boots. I find rain boots to be an essential in rains a LOT here, and I am always out in it.

And finally, I need a puffy coat, and my last one has some zippering issues. Instead of paying to get it fixed, I am going to donate it (because it is still wearable with a scarf), and try this ridiculous coat for the fall. I might have to remove the FOX if it makes me sneeze, but I am excited about the detail on the cuff, the hood and the cinched waist....this is the puffy coat trying to be stylish, so I am for it. Yeah Nordstrom anniversary sale! I am going to donate the 70 dollars I saved on this coat to The Fashion Fast.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Condo Adventures: A Few Little Things

Since seeing my third neurologist, I am feeling much more confident about driving because I have had my blood tested and my med levels are at a great level of absorption. Now I have a letter and blood results and I feel much more secure about driving. So, Target has come back into my life.

I recently acquired a few little things to brighten up the condo.

Our dreary (and hot...but not complaining because my assessments are considerably less than surrounding buildings, and I do not want to pay for central ac so that the hallways can be cool for the 2 seconds I stand in them) hallway needed a little lift with this rug. And maybe my floors will stay a little cleaner too.

Since we moved in over a year ago, I constantly look for a mirror in this spot, to check my lipstick and hair before I walk out the door for an audition. Finally I got one installed, and it has been so nice. I do not like, however when I walk down the hall and catch my reflection when I don't WANT to catch it....usually I think: Wow, "I look tired....and a like a little sick bird," since it only shows my skinny arms and flat chest not the other buxom parts of me. It has come in handy though, because often I already have my shoes on when I remember to make my final check, and I don't want to stamp around on the floor below's ceiling, back into my bathroom just to check my lipstick!

2 Cheers for Target!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ikea Therapy

A new one opened in Brooklyn. This is considerably closer than the old New Jersey or New York Ikea...I have never attempted Ikea without a car, but my friends have, and I am sure they will be very pleased with the new Brooklyn local.

Anyway, I went to Ikea looking for one thing....a picture frame, and 90 bucks later I came home with more than that.

This is exactky what I wanted the frame to be for my daughter's artwork. The color is perfect! Of course, as is always the case with ikea, the size is wonky, so I had to make an impromptu mat around it, but I love how it turned out. It is an ink and marker drawing of what she wants to b when she grows up: An actress who, that's out of left field...

My next find were these sealing clips. I love the quanitity for the price and the colors. Much better value than the Pampered Chef alternative (and ugly colors) I am used to.

I also got a frame for this piece of art that I acquired a few months ago from a street-sketcher. It is the third addition to my sisters wall, that I hope to have full one day....I search etsy regularly for just the right sisters print, and have my eye out when I let me know if you see anything!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Video Friday: Glass Girls Gone Wild

Just one step closer to fulfilling my dream of being the next Judds....I know I am taking a big risk here publishing our compositions. Don't steal please, these are original compositions and are now copyrighted.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She walked into the theatre with Big Sis, just as the previews were ending.

For being the massive 25-theatre AMC in Times Square, the theatre for Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl was tiny. She spotted two seats next to an elderly woman and thought about whether or not she would bother her too much by sitting next to her. She went for it.

The lady had to move her bag out of the aisle to let her pass, but did so willingly. She and Big Sis settled in and the movie began. She could feel the energy of the woman next to her as soon as the music started for the opening credits. It was pleasure and anticipation. It brought a smile to her face as she sat in that serenity from her neighbor.

As the movie began, the lady laughed out loud with glee and sincerity at the 10-year-old's humor and wit. As the film progressed to scenes from the Depression era, the woman started crying. When she heard the tears and saw her dab her eyes with her peripheral vision, it brought tears to her eyes as well. It wasn't the movie, it was the way the movie touched the woman, who probably lived through similar scenes.

The movie went on like this. Her seatmate laughed out loud and cried out loud. She rode the rollercoaster with her, and felt feelings...real feelings. It was such a great movie, but her experience was enriched by sitting next to the elderly lady. She hasn't felt a lot of real feelings since she went on the meds, so it was nice to have an hour and a half of living someone else's real and raw emotions.

As the credits rolled, she offered to carry the woman's roller suitcase. She declined, and then a few steps later said: "Are you the one who asked to help me?"

She said: "Yes."

Her reply: "Thank you."

"No, thank you," she thought.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's time to step it up a notch...

My little free pillbox was too cramped. So, I got myself the dee-luxe, for only $3.49!

I came out of my bedroom to find Lil Sis making up her own combinations of my pills. Thankfully, despite her mixing and matching, none of them went into her mouth...and it was a good brain exercise for me to reorganize them all....again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Posse Nook

We have been in THE CONDO for a little over 1 year, and it is still a work in progress. The latest work is the throw pillows. I love them, and I love how they cover up the couch that I want to replace so much. BUT, my little ones just act like little HATERS toward those throws.

A few months ago, I started placing them in a little corner of our family room. I imagined it as a reading nook. I think I even sat and read there once before it became the new hangout for the sisters.

Usually the nook escalates to a blanket and chair fort, which I am totally ok with. I am just glad that we have another little place for the posse to hang.

Monday, July 21, 2008




For HHR:

Are you like a music-person or something? Good job coming up with that name...

Oh, and if you watch it, don't be confused by the meter, the video is off of the's kind of funny though, you find yourself cheering the conductor on...." you can do can get them to PLAY those instruments!"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Palmyra, NY

We went on a mini camping trip this past weekend so that we could attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, New York.

For those of you not up on your Mormon History, the Hill Cumorah is where Joseph Smith was directed to dig up the Golden Plates which were translated into the Book of Mormon. The Pageant (which involves 700 performers and is rehearsed and presented in 2 weeks time), takes place on a set that is built onto the Hill. We took the girls to see it, but they fell asleep about 10 minutes into it and missed the whole thing. It started 2 hours passed their bedtime, so we kinda thought this might happen. Even so, the pageant was great, and the next day we spent some time exploring the town.

Here I am with a few of the cast members. This was one of the actors who played Lehi, and these are his two sons...such cuties. Before the pageant presentation, all of the cast members were walking around in costume, it's pretty fun to see. And the age range was WIDE...I saw little babies in costume, ready to make their debut on stage!

There is a temple built in's only about 5 years old or so. We stopped by to take a little photo.

And finally, we visited the Sacred Grove. This is where Joseph Smith prayed and behold The First Version, read/see more about that here.

It seemed really important to all the performers and missionaries at Hill Cumorah to get the word out, so I am getting the word out!!! And, if you are interested in any more info, just email me and we can chat or I am sure if you click on any of the links you will find your way to other contacts/free literature/free dvds.

I have to say, the most disappointing part of the trip was the anti-Mormon hecklers outside the pageant. I am used to anti-mormon literature and mini-protests at church sites across the country, but this was WAY escalated. Several different groups/individuals stood with their bullhorns and signs and scream-preached at us...this just before entering and right after we had seen these 700 people from around the country perform this sweet pageant for us.

The next day, I wanted to go into Palmyra's Christian/Mormon bookstore, but I got sidetracked by a salesman right outside trying to push an $800- video set on me. I didn't even get a chance to go into the bookstore because I wanted to escape! I felt a bit preyed upon, isn't that strange since I am from NYC!?

Overall, I want to go back again, but NOT in July when it is crazy hot. I have been sitting next to my air conditioner since I got home, and I am still hot from our little trip. I would also like to have older, more well-rested children so that we can go on all the free tours. And I would like to have more of that soft-serve swirl ice cream. SO much better than Mr. Softee...Seriously.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Posse Camp

We camped at Cheerful Valley. It was hot. It was pretty cheerful. They were having Christmas in July this weekend, so it was very surreal to hear Jingle Bells in the background, while roasting marshmallows.

We met a pot-bellied pig, who apparently lives in a house, rings a bell to go out and is really smart.

My friend organized this whole thing. Here she is with the girls. They are helping her cook her corn-on-the-cob in the fire pit. See the Christmas decor in the background? I know. My friend is starting a Fashion Fast. Isn't she the cutest camper you've ever seen? White blouse? Khaki skirt? Come on!!! She might not look so good next year after her year-long fast!

MY DH and I took a pic after he assembled the tent. Isn't this a crazy angle? He looks like a bobble-head. Yes, my glasses are prescription and transition lenses.

Our tent had a doggy-door. Oh snap...sorry Uli.

Hot dogs I can handle MUCH better than real dogs!

The Glass Posse has completed the first night of camping in the history of the Posse. Well, the first one OUTSIDE anyway. Remember last year?

Video Saturday: Circle of Strife

My Sister, the Baby Whisperer.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Video Friday: San Antonio Safari

In Texas we went to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Our family was trapped in our 12-passenger van and off we went to see some animals.

My mom got some great pics of some of the animals, as she had a mighty fine seat up front.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She started spiraling the night before. She was feeling completely smothered by the mere teeny tiny thought of Thursday, so she just decided to go to bed to put herself out of her misery. She didn't even watch the Season Premiere of Project Runway.

She woke up Thursday morning with no change. She could not possibly drag herself out of bed to do the morning workout. She just slept as long as she possibly could. And was time to face Thursday.

She had made plans a week ago to take the girls to the zoo with Heather and Fi. She even confirmed the night before and responded to a time-change email a few hours before they were meant to head out. All the while, feeling heavily overwhelmed by the zoo. She knew that this feeling did not make sense, and yet she still had the feeling. Finally she just called her friend and explained in probably less than 5 words that it was just too much. Her friend did not need an explanation, an excuse, an apology, a promise of future zoo visits, she just got it. She let her completely off the hook with no guilt no nothing, and she could suddenly breathe again.

She knew and her friend understood it wasn't about the zoo, it was just about the inability to cope. They both knew it was temporary, it would pass, but not necessarily in time for the zoo that day. She was so grateful to her friend.

So, she just stayed in her bathrobe for a few more hours. She managed to get through violin practice, which was a miracle, and then she had slowly shifted into having the ability to cope with THE AFTERNOON.

She slowly got ready to go, organized the swim-lesson bag, picked what songs she would sing for the audition, and she was able to put one foot in front of the other. She even felt even, and dare she admit it....NOT like she wanted to just stay curled up in a ball in her bed the entire day. She felt okay about THE AFTERNOON, and even ok with the 90 degree heat. The second miracle was that she didn't even sweat on the way to Times Square.

She was #2 to sing. The girls shared the buds and listened to the Little Mermaid on her ipod and sat with an audition friend. They were pretty good. She sang well...two songs...and the casting directors conversed with her, about her audition, her past experiences, her singing abilities, her dancing abilities. She felt it was her best audition in a long time. She did not feel nervous at all, something that is completely inhibited by the new meds. She left feeling almost like a high...only not so much, cause again, those darn meds just keep those highs bridled JUST right of nuetral. RATS.

NYC Soundtracks

The Posse and I love love love the subway performers. IF we are not in a hurry, we usually stop to soak in the music and usually dance a while.

Well, there is new a show featuring all of our favorites:

In the first episode that I saw, our Saw Lady was featured...and I loved hearing her story...a GREAT New York Story, that's for SURE. She had been dancing all her life and she came here to dance with a dance company and one day, as she was leaving Lincoln Center, she was hit by a cab and had to find a new passion. Her parents took her on a trip to cheer her up and she saw a symphony play, featuring a saw player and she went backstage to see about learning to play the saw as well, and the performer said, buy a saw and figure it out, and that she did.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gradually Going Green

Ok, it's time to rat on my sister.

When I visited her a few weeks ago, she had about 40 water bottles in her room, all at various levels. They were all gathered together in one spot, and she explained that when she was thirsty, she just picked one and took a swig. I am touched that she is attempting to empty all of them before recycling them, but still....

I very much want her to have a fresh start in college and so I went to the sigg shop to order her a water bottle, as a little gift from me to add to the other gift I gave her.

I was so happy and surprised to see this letter from Sigg.

What? There are NOT enough?'s catching on...

But then I started to panic and I just clicked BUY on the ONLY sigg bottle they have left on the site. And I am not sure if I want to give it up to my little sis or not. MY Sigg has had a rough go at it, and the paint is starting to chip away from it's encounters with the subway pavement. When my newest sigg arrives, I am going to have to really think it through whether or not I want to forward it to sister. I might not be able to part with it. Ok, it's already arrived, and it's staring at me, and it wants to stay in my apartment....hmmmm...what to do...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Waste of Time Monday

There is a new perk at my DH's job...

it's a parking-in-Manhattan allowance. Since I stopped driving we have not cashed in on this AT ALL. Now that I am driving again, I have tried to take advantage of the parking allowance.

Yesterday it was a little drizzly and I had two appointments, so I decided to load the kids in the car and drive around instead of subwaying it.

I arrived at the first parking garage across from my destination. I told the parking attendant I would be gone 10 minutes. In reality, I was gone probably 2 minutes...literally, 120 seconds. When I returned from signing up for my audition, it took about 10 minutes to get the car back out of the lot. I paid $19.00 to park my oversized vehicle for 2 minutes. Ah...Manhattan.

I arrived at my second stop and again, parked right across the street. The casting was totally dead. I walked right in, snapped about 5 frames and walked right out. I was gone this time about 6 minutes. This parking lot was faster at getting my car, and so 5 more minutes later we were on our way after paying $24.oo.

Even though it wasn't technically my money, I felt like it was a waste, especially after ALL THE TRAFFIC I was stuck in. I was gone for 2 1/2 hours....and if I had subwayed it, I would have been gone about 1 hour.

It felt like an absolutely ridiculous day. Parking perks aside, back to the subway we go...well, after we go to the local movie theatre (with the free parking lot AND free movie) today.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bishop Glass

The 2008 script that I wrote out in my head on January 1st has now been shredded completely.

I had one plan and that plan has changed a number of times already. The first half of 2008 has been eventful to say the least, and jam-packed with surprises at every turn.

The latest and greatest happened this morning. My husband, co-top-dog of the Glass Posse is now Top Doggin it in my church congregation. For those of you who are not schooled in the Mormon culture or terminology, I found a fantastic snippet that explains what my DH (and hence, the Posse) is IN FOR for the next (average time) 5 years.

That's right 5 YEARS.

My DH is the Bishop.

Read all about it.

And don't forget the last paragraph...oh yeah he is responsible for ALL has to continue to perform well in his full-time job and take care of the predictably unpredictable Posse of girls he lodges with and provides for.

It's a lot, but I do feel it will be a tremendous blessing for the Posse. Good Luck Bishop Glass.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Doc

I love my new doctor.

She sat back in her chair and looked me in the eye and listened to me and answered my questions and made me feel free for the first time within this diagnosis of mine. It's still hard to believe that I have been diagnosed with partial epilepsy in my temporal lobe.

From the above-linked website:

"Unfortunately, in about 60% of people with TLE, the seizures spread from the temporal lobe to a wider portion of the brain. This process is called secondary generalization. The result is a convulsive (grand mal) seizure."

The doctor described a spreading of my epilepsy...and this paragraph made sense to me, that maybe I have had epilepsy since meningitis (or before?) and it spread at this particular time causing the convulsion. Mysterious to say the least, but I felt like a puzzle piece sort of shifted into place after our appointment on Friday.

She also wants to check the blood in my brain again in 6 months to be sure it has receded, because if it has not, there is a chance the bleeding is being caused by something else. She explained it very well but all I remember is malformation, cavernous...NOT a tumor etc. She is pretty certain the bleeding was because of the fall, but just wants to double check. I hope we can remedy the allergic reaction to the inkage required to read the MRI....I am already itching just thinking about it.

And a fashion note, both my first neurologist and my new neurologist have genuine, awesome doctor's bags, like this one or this one, only more expensive-looking, and I am thinking that I will now quit acting and go back to medical school and become a neurologist so that I can have one too, or I guess I could just order one from one of those sites, or get a doctors-bag-inspired tote.

Or an ebay search? Oh I am obsessed with finding just the right one...I guess I could ACT like a doctor, instead of becoming one....ok, now I have to find just the right white coat too....My 2008 Halloween costume?

Saturday's Adventure: Jones Beach

The weather today was just beautiful. The girls woke up at their usual time....6....A........M and we were out the door about an hour after Dh and I finally stumbled out of bed. We spent a few hours at the beach this morning.

This was our first time arriving to balls of jelly. I was unsure what these glistening jellies were, until my DH, who did some swimming out in the Atlantic reported jellyfish sightings. Only, they were alive and swimming. I am glad he did not get stung.

I enjoyed trying to finish my LONG LONG book, and eating our snacks. This afternoon I felt utterly unmotivated, so I took a nap and struggled through violin practice and house cleaning. This evening I got my energy back up and headed to our playground to enjoy the last of today's gorgeous breezes.

It's official...I've been replaced

At least she's a cartoon...that softens the blow a little bit.

I haven't caught the commercial on tv yet, and I can't get it to work on my computer...but maybe you'll have some luck.

Click here.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Yesterday I felt abnormally dizzy for the first time in a while. I blamed it on adjusting my sleep after my trip to Texas. I haven't been sleeping ideally the past few days.

As the Posse walked to the subway the dizziness started to really flare up. I felt like turning around and going home, but we had a few things to do that I really wanted to do! Instead of panicking, I said a prayer and then I quizzed Big Sis:

Me: "What happens if mommy falls down?"

Big Sis: "I put your purse under your head."

Me: "And then what?"

BS: "I find your phone and call 9-1-1."

Me: "That's right. The most important thing to do is protect mommy's lay down underneath my head or sit indian-style (yes, I still haven't switched to criss-cross apple-sauce) and put my head in your lap. My head might hurt you, but you have to make sure it's not hitting against the sidewalk."

BS: "Or your head will crack."

Me: "That's right. And make sure that you yell HELP very loud so that someone helps me and helps you call 9-1-1."

She seemed completely ok with this. And she was so calm and educated about it, I actually felt relief, like I was in good 6-year-old hands. Meanwhile, Lil Sis chimes in: "You gonna fall down mommy?"

Me: "I hope not...but if I do, you gotta protect my head."

When we got on the train, I pulled the disability card for the first time. I asked a man to get up out of his chair because I have epilepsy and I was feeling dizzy. He gave me the seat, but the man next to him, who heard me (I presume) did not get up so that my children could sit down. Irkage.

I sat there and I took a few breaths and closed my eyes, and I felt much better and it passed. And I didn't fall down, and my daughter preserved a little bit more innocence for another day.

Unfortunately in the afternoon, as I was holding open a door for Lil Sis to pass through, I let it go a split second too soon and it rammed her in the head....darn perception. Poor lil sis.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Third Person Thursday

When Big Sis was nearing 3, she signed her up for a mommy and me swimming class. The babies were 18 to 36 months of age.

Her daughter, the oldest in the class, was the only child who did not pass the swim test at the end of the class.

She decided to take a 3 year break from the whole swimming situation.

Well, 3 years passed, and she geared her now 2 children, up...for SWIM LESSONS 2008.

When she discussed it with the girls she mentioned that this was a Big Girl activity because the girls would go in the pool without mom and dad, and be with their class and their teacher in the water.

It was a casual conversation, but had lasting affects on Lil Sis. For the next few days, at random times Lil Sis would mantra: "I'm going in the pool with no mommy and daddy and just my teacher?" Over and over again.

She got concerned that maybe she was already traumatized by the mere thought of water and aloneness (no mom and dad). She decided to mention the fact that she would have to wear a swim cap as well.

Today she did not know what would happen, but she was quite optimistic.

Lil Sis was first. She put on that swim cap, willingly took a shower and walked right out to the pool. She and Big Sis left the pool area and watched her from the window. She was the smallest child, only girl and had the most adorable wedgy EVER. Lil Sis caught on right away and even went out on her own with her noodle a few times when she wasn't supposed to.

Big Sis entered the pool about 1 minute before Lil Sis' lesson was over and Lil Sis was standing up, waiting to do her final jump into the pool when she spotted Big Sis. She went running around the corner of the pool in order to be with Sister. Her name was shouted out SEVERAL times by the lifeguard, but she just kept booking it... but then finally returned to her jumping-in-the-pool spot. As soon as she got that towel around her, Lil Sis looked up at her and said: "AGAIN!"

Success. She and Lil Sis then watched Big Sis have a very successful lesson. Her mouth was moving as much or more than her legs, as she just chatted with the only other girl in the class. She is pretty sure the older girl did a lot of listening, and not a lot of chatting back.

After 45 more minutes, she had two very tired girls on her hands. She felt so proud of her little guppies. Here's to next Thursday!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


A friend of mine who likes to make predictions about my life, and in particular my reproductive life, predicted today that I will have two more children.

It reminded me that this June/July, studies on my anti-seizure drug and it's effect on birth defects was going to be published.

I searched for my drug on the news, and found this article instead:

Click here to read.

No, I have not thought about suicide, but the down days are strikingly, shockingly down. Thankfully they have tapered down to about once a month, and I haven't had one since June 25th. I am seeing my new (third) neurologist on Friday, so I plan on discussing the above article.

Thankfully, today was a normal day, which I welcome...not too up, not too down...just about right.

Gradually Going Green

This past weekend I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

The past few times that I have stayed at a hotel, I have noticed the little SAVE OUR PLANET placard in the bathroom. The one at the HIE reads:

Dear Guests:

Every day millions of gallons of water are used to wash towels that have only been used once.


~A towel on the rack means "I will use again'

~A towel on the floor means "Please exchange"


Thank you for Helping Us Conserve
The Earth's Vital Resources.

I appreciate this new green movement in many hotels. I make an effort to be sure to hang up my towels on the rack before leaving for the day. However, not once, when I have left my towels on the rack, have they been left that way. When I return, it appears that all the towels have been replaced.

Now, it is POSSIBLE that the housekeeping staff folded my hanging towels and put them neatly on the rack....but they still don't look used or seem used, and they are not damp from use. So, I am pretty certain, despite my following the placard instructions to perfection, that my towels are still being exchanged.

The next time I stay in a hotel, I need to figure out how to prevent this useless replacing from happening. I need to come up with some ideas. Do I leave the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door? Do I write a little note to the staff pointing out my towels? Do I fold them up and make them look untouched? Do I hide them in a drawer somewhere in the room? Do I ask the front desk to specify that my room is a green room and relay that message to housekeeping?

Anyone else TRY for green at hotels like this and notice that the placard itself + your efforts seem to make no change?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm Alive

Sometimes folks get worried when I'm quiet on the blog. I am alive...just recovering from getting in at midnight last night....snooooooooooooooooooooze....and wrangling check in soon.

Monday, July 07, 2008

My Ladies

Here we are...the girls from the extended Posse Extraordinaire. We are movin, groovin, laughin, jivin, moodifyin, cryin, stylin, lovin, bondin, respondin, crazy, hot-flashin, seizurin, sleepin, ibsin, wackolicious, happy ladies...who are blessed to have the men in our lives who put up with all that 'in.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gradually Going Green

Guys. It's time to go see Wall-E. I was pleasantly surprised that it is about going green!

I was quite motivated by ALL THAT GARBAGE and those folks eating meals in a cup on their little robo-chairs. And a love story to boot! Ok...I just ruined it for you if you haven't seen it...but go see it anyway and be ready to be motivated to take a little better care of our planet!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

New Baby

We have a new teeny tiny member of our family. She is actually the reason we have all congregated in TX. She will never remember this weekend, but we always will. Lil Sis has really stepped up to the plate with Lil Cuz. That dimple!

My parents have 3 to 1 ratio daughters to son, and now it's 4-0 in the grandbabies department. As a result we had quite the girls-only dance party last night while the men hovered around a laptop and discussed FINANCES.

Big and Lil Sis ask me when I am having a baby quite often lately. I am glad they got a chance to have some Big Cuz time to our newest wee one. They seemed to really enjoy it.

Then we tried a photoshoot. We have yet to snap a photo with all four cousins looking their best. This is one of the best, after SEVERAL frames. Before we know it they will be grown up girls watching over their new little it flies.

Friday, July 04, 2008


My husband says I have a mullet. I think my husband looks skinny..he's lost 11 pounds. I have done almost 2500 crunches. We brought some nice weather to TX. It's pleasant here! Happy Fourth!

Thursday, July 03, 2008


What we found in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport today. I imitating life? My girls, posing with their mom!!!

So, we are, of course...exhausted..but we made it to our destination:

And here we are the amateur photographers, trying to figure out how to get one of our many cameras to take a Christmas card photo that resembles this fabulous one. We only have a few short days of us all together, so we have to figure out how to get an in-focus action shot of 11 people in the next few days. We miss our Sam.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Quote(s) of the Week

On Monday when I was putting on my tankini, and making the proper adjustments in the mirror,

Big Sis came over to me and pulled the top down over the 1 inch of flesh that was showing between the top and bottom and exclaimed: "Why did you buy this bikini? This is NOT appropriate for the Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter Day Saints."

I told her I would tuck the top into the bottom, and said no more.

Yesterday the girls were watching Robin Hood in the car, with their headphones on so that I could listen to XM Radio. I heard Lil Sis yell: "Texas!" Then Big Sis, leaned over and said: "TAXes....TAXes Lil Sis...NOT Texas."

Needless to say, both girls are excited that we are venturing out to Texas tomorrow.