Monday, July 28, 2008

Condo Adventures: A Few Little Things

Since seeing my third neurologist, I am feeling much more confident about driving because I have had my blood tested and my med levels are at a great level of absorption. Now I have a letter and blood results and I feel much more secure about driving. So, Target has come back into my life.

I recently acquired a few little things to brighten up the condo.

Our dreary (and hot...but not complaining because my assessments are considerably less than surrounding buildings, and I do not want to pay for central ac so that the hallways can be cool for the 2 seconds I stand in them) hallway needed a little lift with this rug. And maybe my floors will stay a little cleaner too.

Since we moved in over a year ago, I constantly look for a mirror in this spot, to check my lipstick and hair before I walk out the door for an audition. Finally I got one installed, and it has been so nice. I do not like, however when I walk down the hall and catch my reflection when I don't WANT to catch it....usually I think: Wow, "I look tired....and a like a little sick bird," since it only shows my skinny arms and flat chest not the other buxom parts of me. It has come in handy though, because often I already have my shoes on when I remember to make my final check, and I don't want to stamp around on the floor below's ceiling, back into my bathroom just to check my lipstick!

2 Cheers for Target!

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onehm said...

Sadly, it was one of the FIRST words my 6-year-old son learned to read...because we went there so often!