Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gradually Going Green

Guys. It's time to go see Wall-E. I was pleasantly surprised that it is about going green!

I was quite motivated by ALL THAT GARBAGE and those folks eating meals in a cup on their little robo-chairs. And a love story to boot! Ok...I just ruined it for you if you haven't seen it...but go see it anyway and be ready to be motivated to take a little better care of our planet!


Gedde Adventures said...

Totally going to take my son to see it... I heard that it was about going green too!
How are those crunches going? Just curious... I have still a few pounds extra from baby #2... and interested to see if the 2600 will eventually lead to a 6-pack! ;)

Kage said...

One more shout out to Wall E....LOVE the Hello Dolly theme throughout, as that is one of my fave films...although I am dissappointed Babs didn't sign away rights to show herself in it....but I was still happy that it was a big theme of the movie.

Sara: re: crunches. I think that when one has a baby the condition of one's belly when it's all over is very individualized. I'm not gonna lie, I was one of the lucky women who did not get stretch marks and I do not have a lot of excess skin....HOWEVER after Baby 2...when I gain weight, it often goes straight to my belly, which did not happen before (before it was butt and it's more evenly distributed between tummy and butt and thighs) I am able to combat that and tighten it up with the crunches. I have def. seen a difference, 2700 crunches later...and I am sure if I continue doing 100-a-day or like 500 a week it will just maintain the belly...kind of like flossing my teeth. You know? I don't see a down side to strengthening your core...but it might not be the miracle result for everyone's post-baby belly.

Chloe said...

I too loved the social commentary - it's about time we had a film (that will appeal to mass audiences) address our current state of affairs (ie: obesity, trash, slothfulness).

Gedde Adventures said...

Kage, I totally had to laugh out loud to your comment that you responded, just because that is exactly how it is for me now. Never gain it anywhere else now except where the excess belly flab is! It feels so icky. K, I will totally get on those sit ups, because it is wiggin me out!
Thanks for the reply! ;)

y said...

It is my new favorite movie. The best thing I've seen in a LONG time. I love that they were so bold! Mixing media (Hello Fred Willard, Hello Dolly, Hello Roger Deakins as a visual consultant). Poetic. Couldn't be more genius!

Anonymous said...

Are you doing 100 crunches a day? DTA

I loved the movie too!

Kage said...

DTA, I try for 100 a day...but usually I only do it 5 times a week. I have a crunch counter to the right.