Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lunch with Big Sis

We love it when it's just the two of us. It reminds us of those quiet moments when we were negotiating our new life and mommy.

Today we lunched at Columbus Circle. We both jumped when a giant German Shephard walked VERY close to us before he took a dip in the fountain. We watched the little sparrows beg for crumbs and both hated it when a few pigeons tried to get in on the party.

The photos were taken with my new point-n-shoot. My camera phone is not enough, I have to have a little image-capturer with me at all times in this great city, so I finally got a little tiny camera and case to throw in the bag.


Alisa said...

I am a lurker-
but just had to say, I will enjoy seeing photos of you in your city. It seems so different than where I live, and I love getting to see a slice of your life in the big city!

dandelionmama said...

I love having Mommy dates, too. It's special for all involved.

My oldest (almost 7) and I are about to take a weekend road trip, just the two of us... I'm really looking forward to it.