Thursday, July 31, 2008

My July Loves

"Oh My Goodness" when you saw the large, white van picking us up at the airport in San Antonio
Being excited about being a First-timer to san Antonio
Your nerves the morning before the Bishop
Being excited about our Texas African Safari and helping the girls feed the many exotic Texan animals...including the Emu
First day on the job of are so sweet and concerned...
Giving me a hug.
Telling me not to worry about the neighbor troubles and taking care of you always do.
Getting up with the kids every morning so that I can work out or get some extra zzzzzzzz's

Big Sis:
Saying to Lil Sis over and over again before Swimming Lessons: "Are you scared? are you scared? are you scared?" and then it turns out, YOU were the one who was a little scared.
Expressing regret at leaving Texas: I miss Texas....(WHAT DO YOU MISS ABOUT TEXAS?) My family.....awwww....
Being so tired after swimming...
Playing barbies, pretending, dressing up...being a kid.
Your face when you lie, DEAD giveaway...
Always being willing to have a little cuddle time.
Requesting Fraggle Rock
insisting that you have to have popcorn a the movies because that is what Grammy taught you.

Lil Sis:
"Can we got to the show and get Lemolade and Cockorn?"
Being so brave at your first swimming lesson.

More L's:

Are we walking or carring?
Being brave at the big giant pool....being so tired after swimming
Letting the wind blow your hair and insisting you are Pocahontas
Your singing voice
Playing your tiny violin: "I like chocolate ice cream."
Taking over the violin practice for me and telling Big Sis to "SLOW DOWN"
Let's talk about Texas (even after we got back)....and
Let's talk about Chicago


Lisa said...

I love these. What a great family.

Kristie said...

one more for Lil Sis:

"I can smell my nose!" during a quite part at the movies.

Heather said...

This is my favorite post! How are swimming lessons going anyways?

Kage said...

kristie, yeah that was funny...Lil Sis is ALWAYS smelling something...

my fave is when she jams her finger in her bum and then pulls it out and smells it and can't move a muscle until I clean it for her....

heather, swimming is going great...not sure if they really can swim, but they are certainly way more comfortable in the water...and I LOVE how it tires them out.