Saturday, July 05, 2008

New Baby

We have a new teeny tiny member of our family. She is actually the reason we have all congregated in TX. She will never remember this weekend, but we always will. Lil Sis has really stepped up to the plate with Lil Cuz. That dimple!

My parents have 3 to 1 ratio daughters to son, and now it's 4-0 in the grandbabies department. As a result we had quite the girls-only dance party last night while the men hovered around a laptop and discussed FINANCES.

Big and Lil Sis ask me when I am having a baby quite often lately. I am glad they got a chance to have some Big Cuz time to our newest wee one. They seemed to really enjoy it.

Then we tried a photoshoot. We have yet to snap a photo with all four cousins looking their best. This is one of the best, after SEVERAL frames. Before we know it they will be grown up girls watching over their new little it flies.

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Anonymous said...

Great shots.