Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Doc

I love my new doctor.

She sat back in her chair and looked me in the eye and listened to me and answered my questions and made me feel free for the first time within this diagnosis of mine. It's still hard to believe that I have been diagnosed with partial epilepsy in my temporal lobe.

From the above-linked website:

"Unfortunately, in about 60% of people with TLE, the seizures spread from the temporal lobe to a wider portion of the brain. This process is called secondary generalization. The result is a convulsive (grand mal) seizure."

The doctor described a spreading of my epilepsy...and this paragraph made sense to me, that maybe I have had epilepsy since meningitis (or before?) and it spread at this particular time causing the convulsion. Mysterious to say the least, but I felt like a puzzle piece sort of shifted into place after our appointment on Friday.

She also wants to check the blood in my brain again in 6 months to be sure it has receded, because if it has not, there is a chance the bleeding is being caused by something else. She explained it very well but all I remember is malformation, cavernous...NOT a tumor etc. She is pretty certain the bleeding was because of the fall, but just wants to double check. I hope we can remedy the allergic reaction to the inkage required to read the MRI....I am already itching just thinking about it.

And a fashion note, both my first neurologist and my new neurologist have genuine, awesome doctor's bags, like this one or this one, only more expensive-looking, and I am thinking that I will now quit acting and go back to medical school and become a neurologist so that I can have one too, or I guess I could just order one from one of those sites, or get a doctors-bag-inspired tote.

Or an ebay search? Oh I am obsessed with finding just the right one...I guess I could ACT like a doctor, instead of becoming one....ok, now I have to find just the right white coat too....My 2008 Halloween costume?


Helen said...

Dr. Helen here (just kidding). Was she talking about an AV malformation - bunch of blood vessels tangled up together? Peter's father had that. I'm glad you like your new doc - maybe 3rd time is the charm!

Chloe said...

First of all (and most importantly) I am SO grateful that you like this dr. and are comfortable with her. What a blessing in all of this brain mess :)

Secondly, you NEED to come to me with bag issues - I'm your purse girl, remember? I'm on it - already looking...

Chloe said...

You need to look at the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag - just what you're looking for, I think...