Wednesday, July 09, 2008


A friend of mine who likes to make predictions about my life, and in particular my reproductive life, predicted today that I will have two more children.

It reminded me that this June/July, studies on my anti-seizure drug and it's effect on birth defects was going to be published.

I searched for my drug on the news, and found this article instead:

Click here to read.

No, I have not thought about suicide, but the down days are strikingly, shockingly down. Thankfully they have tapered down to about once a month, and I haven't had one since June 25th. I am seeing my new (third) neurologist on Friday, so I plan on discussing the above article.

Thankfully, today was a normal day, which I welcome...not too up, not too down...just about right.


knittingirl said...

Hang in there girl - I'll pray for you that these spells will stop.

Anonymous said...

You are always in my prayers too!

Love, DAD

Scarlett said...
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Sue said...

I have been on a class B drug with all four of my children. They turned out just fine- healthy pregnancies, no withdrawlsymptoms afterwards. I also have nursed all four of them on this drug. Because this is so public, I won't say which drug, but a doctor originally told me I had to get off of it before I could conceive. Turns out another doctor told me it was okay after all. Don't know where your drugs fit in, but often drugs have higher warning levels or category just because they have not been tested long enough to boost them up the list from unsafe to safe yet. They cannot clinically test drugs on pregnant women now because of ethical reasons, they just watch ones who choose to take them under their doctor's guidance and look for any results. Sometimes you just do the best you can and avoid as many drugs as you can. Good thing I sought a second opinion or I would still not have any kids since I'm still taking the drug!

Kage said...

scarlett and sue, I am still one day at a time, and today I am not planning to have another baby, but I just remembered what my doctor had told me about some meds news coming out around this time. I think it's a good idea for me to search the news every once in a while so that I can bring good questions to my doctor etc.

I did find a thread on my meds' website of women who had had babies on it. Most of them took up to 4 X the amount of it that I take and all who posted had successful births. I don't know if someone who had a less than ideal birth would bother to comment!? It's also highly recommended (of all anti-seiz drugs) for pregnancy.

There is still a 6% chance that the baby will have birth defects. I know it's small, but it seems like such a big number when I read it! And my heart is open to a baby with birth defects, but I already have two healthy children and I don't know if there is room for a baby with potential challenges....on the other hand 94%chance I get another healthy baby....bottom line, not a decision I am looking to make today...but thanks for your comments.

Scarlett said...

I am encouraged to hear your experience, Sue.
Thanks, gals!