Thursday, July 17, 2008

NYC Soundtracks

The Posse and I love love love the subway performers. IF we are not in a hurry, we usually stop to soak in the music and usually dance a while.

Well, there is new a show featuring all of our favorites:

In the first episode that I saw, our Saw Lady was featured...and I loved hearing her story...a GREAT New York Story, that's for SURE. She had been dancing all her life and she came here to dance with a dance company and one day, as she was leaving Lincoln Center, she was hit by a cab and had to find a new passion. Her parents took her on a trip to cheer her up and she saw a symphony play, featuring a saw player and she went backstage to see about learning to play the saw as well, and the performer said, buy a saw and figure it out, and that she did.

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Rachel H said...

Awesome!I love seeing them too when I am there. Actually it leaves me feeling sad for some of these people who have chosen to live like seems some of them have big dreams that haven't come to fruition.
Good post.