Sunday, July 20, 2008

Palmyra, NY

We went on a mini camping trip this past weekend so that we could attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, New York.

For those of you not up on your Mormon History, the Hill Cumorah is where Joseph Smith was directed to dig up the Golden Plates which were translated into the Book of Mormon. The Pageant (which involves 700 performers and is rehearsed and presented in 2 weeks time), takes place on a set that is built onto the Hill. We took the girls to see it, but they fell asleep about 10 minutes into it and missed the whole thing. It started 2 hours passed their bedtime, so we kinda thought this might happen. Even so, the pageant was great, and the next day we spent some time exploring the town.

Here I am with a few of the cast members. This was one of the actors who played Lehi, and these are his two sons...such cuties. Before the pageant presentation, all of the cast members were walking around in costume, it's pretty fun to see. And the age range was WIDE...I saw little babies in costume, ready to make their debut on stage!

There is a temple built in's only about 5 years old or so. We stopped by to take a little photo.

And finally, we visited the Sacred Grove. This is where Joseph Smith prayed and behold The First Version, read/see more about that here.

It seemed really important to all the performers and missionaries at Hill Cumorah to get the word out, so I am getting the word out!!! And, if you are interested in any more info, just email me and we can chat or I am sure if you click on any of the links you will find your way to other contacts/free literature/free dvds.

I have to say, the most disappointing part of the trip was the anti-Mormon hecklers outside the pageant. I am used to anti-mormon literature and mini-protests at church sites across the country, but this was WAY escalated. Several different groups/individuals stood with their bullhorns and signs and scream-preached at us...this just before entering and right after we had seen these 700 people from around the country perform this sweet pageant for us.

The next day, I wanted to go into Palmyra's Christian/Mormon bookstore, but I got sidetracked by a salesman right outside trying to push an $800- video set on me. I didn't even get a chance to go into the bookstore because I wanted to escape! I felt a bit preyed upon, isn't that strange since I am from NYC!?

Overall, I want to go back again, but NOT in July when it is crazy hot. I have been sitting next to my air conditioner since I got home, and I am still hot from our little trip. I would also like to have older, more well-rested children so that we can go on all the free tours. And I would like to have more of that soft-serve swirl ice cream. SO much better than Mr. Softee...Seriously.


onehm said...

We visited in October and the weather was PERFECT!! It was ultra-beautiful and the tours were awesome! Definitely worth the trip back!!

Glad that you were able to see some of the sights!

Chloe said...

What a fun adventure for your family. Sucks that the anti's were there in full force.

And I love that picture of the girls in the Sacred Grove; it is beautiful.

Beth said...

Yeah, that picture of the girls is awesome.

Heather said...

Let's plan a trip next summer when we aren't lying around a tropical beach :) But really, no Mr. Softee in Palmyra???

Kage said...

Heather, this softserve was WAY better than Mr. softee. Especially lately, Big Sis and I actually threw away our Mr. Softee the other day because it just tasted nasty and was TOO soft.....