Friday, July 11, 2008


Yesterday I felt abnormally dizzy for the first time in a while. I blamed it on adjusting my sleep after my trip to Texas. I haven't been sleeping ideally the past few days.

As the Posse walked to the subway the dizziness started to really flare up. I felt like turning around and going home, but we had a few things to do that I really wanted to do! Instead of panicking, I said a prayer and then I quizzed Big Sis:

Me: "What happens if mommy falls down?"

Big Sis: "I put your purse under your head."

Me: "And then what?"

BS: "I find your phone and call 9-1-1."

Me: "That's right. The most important thing to do is protect mommy's lay down underneath my head or sit indian-style (yes, I still haven't switched to criss-cross apple-sauce) and put my head in your lap. My head might hurt you, but you have to make sure it's not hitting against the sidewalk."

BS: "Or your head will crack."

Me: "That's right. And make sure that you yell HELP very loud so that someone helps me and helps you call 9-1-1."

She seemed completely ok with this. And she was so calm and educated about it, I actually felt relief, like I was in good 6-year-old hands. Meanwhile, Lil Sis chimes in: "You gonna fall down mommy?"

Me: "I hope not...but if I do, you gotta protect my head."

When we got on the train, I pulled the disability card for the first time. I asked a man to get up out of his chair because I have epilepsy and I was feeling dizzy. He gave me the seat, but the man next to him, who heard me (I presume) did not get up so that my children could sit down. Irkage.

I sat there and I took a few breaths and closed my eyes, and I felt much better and it passed. And I didn't fall down, and my daughter preserved a little bit more innocence for another day.

Unfortunately in the afternoon, as I was holding open a door for Lil Sis to pass through, I let it go a split second too soon and it rammed her in the head....darn perception. Poor lil sis.


Sue said...

Looks like you are posting right now at midnight your time, which is 2 am mine! No wonder you are off from your Trip here. Hmmm, speaking of time...I should go to bed.

Kage said...

Sue, the time on my blogger is always messed up (maybe I haven't set the right zone)...but I also schedule posts to hit at midnight before I go to bed so that they are the next day's post...don't worry, I was long asleep when it was officially posted.

nymanzanita said...

I am impressed with how you have taught Big Sis and Little Sis what to do in case you do faint or something. My sister-in-law never told her kids anything because she was afraid to scare them....It seems to me that the child would get even more scared witnessing something without ever been told that it could possibly happen. I am not sure that I am explaining myself well....anyway, I think you are smart to explain to them what they should do in case it were to happen.

Kristie said...

GASP! please mommy, don't fall down! Saying a little prayer for you.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you too! You are fortunate to have Big Sis and Little Sis.


Lisa said...

This is not exactly what a mother who lives 827.56 miles away wants to read! However, I know you are in good hands with Big Sis and Lil Sis!

Chloe said...

You're doing good, making sure you and your girls are prepared. They'll take care of you and your head.

Get some sleep. You're doing great :)

Patty said...

Ooh. Be so careful when you're dizzy. Your little girls are too cute to be standing on the sidewalk next to an unconcious mommy. Do they know how to dial Daddy?

LJ said...

Kage- your courage and strength in trials amaze me. What a tough thing to deal with in the big city, yet what sweet little daughters you have to take good care of you! May God bless and watch over you as you deal with this new challenge in life.

beth said...

Yikes! I hope you guys never really have to go thru that.... but at least your girls are prepared. And they are strong girls with a strong mama.