Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday's Adventure: Jones Beach

The weather today was just beautiful. The girls woke up at their usual time....6....A........M and we were out the door about an hour after Dh and I finally stumbled out of bed. We spent a few hours at the beach this morning.

This was our first time arriving to balls of jelly. I was unsure what these glistening jellies were, until my DH, who did some swimming out in the Atlantic reported jellyfish sightings. Only, they were alive and swimming. I am glad he did not get stung.

I enjoyed trying to finish my LONG LONG book, and eating our snacks. This afternoon I felt utterly unmotivated, so I took a nap and struggled through violin practice and house cleaning. This evening I got my energy back up and headed to our playground to enjoy the last of today's gorgeous breezes.


amydc said...

What a precious wedgie!

Kristie said...

ok. that is a hilarious picture! i hear the best thing for a jellyfish sting is the ammonia in urine. I even had a friend get stung, but couldnt bring myself to pee on him.

nymanzanita said...

Hey... I was there too yesterday...we mostly stayed at the bath house swimming at the pool though. Nice pictures!

Brandy said...

Jelly Fish...they are everywhere!!! We were in Panama City Beach (Florida) a few weeks ago and they were everywhere! We didnt get out on the beach much :( thanks to them!

Kage said...

nymanzanita, hold up a second...pool?
Tell me more please.