Thursday, July 10, 2008

Third Person Thursday

When Big Sis was nearing 3, she signed her up for a mommy and me swimming class. The babies were 18 to 36 months of age.

Her daughter, the oldest in the class, was the only child who did not pass the swim test at the end of the class.

She decided to take a 3 year break from the whole swimming situation.

Well, 3 years passed, and she geared her now 2 children, up...for SWIM LESSONS 2008.

When she discussed it with the girls she mentioned that this was a Big Girl activity because the girls would go in the pool without mom and dad, and be with their class and their teacher in the water.

It was a casual conversation, but had lasting affects on Lil Sis. For the next few days, at random times Lil Sis would mantra: "I'm going in the pool with no mommy and daddy and just my teacher?" Over and over again.

She got concerned that maybe she was already traumatized by the mere thought of water and aloneness (no mom and dad). She decided to mention the fact that she would have to wear a swim cap as well.

Today she did not know what would happen, but she was quite optimistic.

Lil Sis was first. She put on that swim cap, willingly took a shower and walked right out to the pool. She and Big Sis left the pool area and watched her from the window. She was the smallest child, only girl and had the most adorable wedgy EVER. Lil Sis caught on right away and even went out on her own with her noodle a few times when she wasn't supposed to.

Big Sis entered the pool about 1 minute before Lil Sis' lesson was over and Lil Sis was standing up, waiting to do her final jump into the pool when she spotted Big Sis. She went running around the corner of the pool in order to be with Sister. Her name was shouted out SEVERAL times by the lifeguard, but she just kept booking it... but then finally returned to her jumping-in-the-pool spot. As soon as she got that towel around her, Lil Sis looked up at her and said: "AGAIN!"

Success. She and Lil Sis then watched Big Sis have a very successful lesson. Her mouth was moving as much or more than her legs, as she just chatted with the only other girl in the class. She is pretty sure the older girl did a lot of listening, and not a lot of chatting back.

After 45 more minutes, she had two very tired girls on her hands. She felt so proud of her little guppies. Here's to next Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

I love this experience. WOW what great little swimmers! What fun! Maybe the swimming in Texas helped too.

Muy bien!