Thursday, July 31, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She had a few goals for the day: Get an appointment with a new OB/GYN (one with experience in maternal-fetal-neurological stuff) for her annual exam, order some more contacts online, and clean the house.

She set about making her phone calls to find a doctor with free space in the practice and who took her insurance. Receptionist after receptionist turned her away for one reason or another, and after the 6th name she crossed off her list, she lost it.

She just melted into a puddle of her own tears.

She took a few breaths and tried again.

She logged on to 1-800-Contacts dot COM and filled in her prescription and how many boxes she wanted. She entered her credit card and got an email explaining the pending doctor approval. No problem, she had done this before several years ago.

Within 15 minutes, Pearle Vision called her and matter-of-factly explained that her prescription was expired by a few weeks, so her approval was denied. The woman on the line questioned why she was going through 1800contacts when Pearle Vision matches their prices.

She thought about the past several months and how many doctors she had seen, medical bills she had paid, how she did not enjoy driving, how she couldn't imagine an eye exam with her children present and the inconvenience of the eye exam when her eyes had not changed in the past year (or the past 8 years for that matter).

The PV woman argued about the prices and offered to get her a trial pair to get her by. PV woman suggested she come over and pick up a trial pair.

They argued and she was asked the following questions from PV Woman:
"Why are you going to 1800 Contacts when we have the same prices?"
"Why don't you just come in for an appointment?"
"Why don't I give you a trial pair?"

She finally sobbed: "I just cannot get my eyes checked right now. The whole point of 1800Contacts is so that I can sit here and order my contacts and they get delivered to my door. I have had a difficult spring with an epilepsy diagnosis and I haven't been able to drive and my eyes are fine and I just need to be able to SEE!"

The PV woman then backed down and became empathetic and promised to see what she could do.

She explained that she wasn't trying to take anything out on her, that it was just a bad moment of months of trial just escalating this morning in this moment and that she was sorry.

Really, it was just PMS.

PV Woman called back promptly and explained that she arranged for her to get a 3-month supply delivered to her door and that the insurance covered the whole thing.

She started to cry again and thanked her profusely and apologized again for her erratic sobs.

As she sat on the kitchen floor weeping and wailing, Lil Sis told her repeatedly to calm down and be happy, and Big Sis gave her a little hug. She called her DH who told her not to do anything else that day, don't even try to clean, he told her. He then asked to speak to Big Sis. When they were done she asked Big Sis what Daddy said. Her reply: "I don't remember."

DH told her he explained to Big Sis that mommy was having a bad day and that it had nothing to do with her, it was just because of chemicals and not to worry, Mommy will be better tomorrow.

She spent the rest of the day shopping online. And he was right, the next day, she was back to normal and her period started right on schedule. Welcome back PMS, she's missed you since HB08! (sarcasm).


Sue said...

You know, I am having that same day today, but I am just as bad without the PMS and I am trying to get the electric company to fix the problem with our power. I have been on hold five times already and have either been disconnected or told to call a different department. I give up!!! Got off the phone and cried too. My dryer won't run, my washer won't run, my computer turns off in the middle of using it when the air comes on, the disposal won't run and the ceiling fans won't run...and the electrician says the problem isn't in the house, but is a problem with the power grid coming into our house. So, I am sitting here and wondering in the middle of my rant/ supercomment, how in the world I am supposed to handle kids wanting to know where their clean underwear is when I can't even make a phone call to the electric company without losing it.

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Kage said...

sue, so sorry hon....this was my thursday LAST thursday, but I was too distraught to write it had to process for a while and wait to be written by a sane person...