Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Waste of Time Monday

There is a new perk at my DH's job...

it's a parking-in-Manhattan allowance. Since I stopped driving we have not cashed in on this AT ALL. Now that I am driving again, I have tried to take advantage of the parking allowance.

Yesterday it was a little drizzly and I had two appointments, so I decided to load the kids in the car and drive around instead of subwaying it.

I arrived at the first parking garage across from my destination. I told the parking attendant I would be gone 10 minutes. In reality, I was gone probably 2 minutes...literally, 120 seconds. When I returned from signing up for my audition, it took about 10 minutes to get the car back out of the lot. I paid $19.00 to park my oversized vehicle for 2 minutes. Ah...Manhattan.

I arrived at my second stop and again, parked right across the street. The casting was totally dead. I walked right in, snapped about 5 frames and walked right out. I was gone this time about 6 minutes. This parking lot was faster at getting my car, and so 5 more minutes later we were on our way after paying $24.oo.

Even though it wasn't technically my money, I felt like it was a waste, especially after ALL THE TRAFFIC I was stuck in. I was gone for 2 1/2 hours....and if I had subwayed it, I would have been gone about 1 hour.

It felt like an absolutely ridiculous day. Parking perks aside, back to the subway we go...well, after we go to the local movie theatre (with the free parking lot AND free movie) today.


Laura said...

Wow what a great example of why few people drive in New york! The time and money is just terrible. Glad you are able to drive again even if you never use it. It feels nice to have that freedom available.

delilas said...

I guess we got a steal of a deal when we were in NYC. We parked our car in a garage close to where we were staying in Time Square and only paid 100.00 for 3 days. Carnigie Deli happen to be just around the corner so we had cheese cake and that made it all better. lol amazing trip! I would love to live in NYC for a short time just to feel that Bigggg Important city. Lucky!!