Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chicago, Day 3

This morning our workout was along the Lakefront. We watched the crazy Chicagoans swim laps in the Lake, and then headed over to Navy Pier. After so much walking over the past few days, we decided to take it a little easier today. By the time we got going, we had skipped the breakfast hour, so we ate our favorite sandwiches from Potbelly's. We then headed over to Wicker Park/Bucktown to shop at the Renegade Storefront. We picked up some adorable prints, and I fell in love with these recycled book journals.

We then tried to visit the Chicago Board of Trade, but we hadn't made an appointment, so we just checked out the outside of the building instead. I was glad, because when we watched The Dark Knight at the Imax theatre this afternoon, I recognized it in the film, along with several other Chicago architecture landmarks. That was our second time seeing DK, but it was way cool in the IMAX venue.

Tonight we went to Gino's East for Chicago Pizza. It was yummy, but so filling that we could not finish our pie.

Our waitress offered up her silver sharpie so that I could leave a graffiti mark. I think you can see pretty well what I wrote on the bench where we sat tonight.

K heart's J 10 years!

J really heart's K

See! Right under the angel!

On our way home we stopped by my favorite drugstore Walgreens, and I noticed one of the workers had a shiny new cast! I asked if I could please be the first to sign it...I guess I was in the mood after all the Gino's East graffiti....

Big Sis is starting to miss us, she called this morning. At the beginning of the week she set up a daily appointment to talk with us at 4:30 pm, but she needed a little more than that today. Lil Sis will not talk on the phone, I think she really doesn't miss us at all. To see what the rest of the Posse is up to, you can visit them here.


Gedde Adventures said...

Oh my gosh Happy Anniversary! Looks like you guys (and your children!) are having a blast! Congrats!
A friend and I are heading to Chicago in a few weeks, and I am so excited, even more so now that I have seen your pictures~! I have lived near Milwaukee my whole life, but never really went to Chicago to sight see! How awesome! Anyhow, Congrats again!

Ashley said...

Love the pictures! And the pictures of your girls with their grandparents are too cute! Happy Anniversary again!