Sunday, August 17, 2008

Evidence, that I had brain damage in the frontal lobe

Dates have been changed to protect the unprotectable:

My friend called to tell me she was coming to visit me with her daughter, for her daughter's birthday. I said, "Oh, what day of the month is it?, because if it's close enough to Big Sis' birthday, which is in the same month, we can have her party then, and you can be there for it!?"

My friend said," It's October 6th...."

I got so excited: "Oh that's perfect, because Big Sis' is October 8th! ..."

Silence. with a "huh" tone hanging in the air.

"Oh no...wait, that's MY birthday. Rats."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

and, a minute later, i just read your "dates have been changed" anecdote.
i feel like an idiot, my apologies!

Kage said...

anon idiot (j/k)....get it now? If not, I can re-send you the post with the correct dates..just email me! : )