Friday, August 29, 2008

Food, Glorious




My DH took me to a restaurant that we first heard of years ago, Charlie Trotters. It was the best night of food I have ever experienced. When we first got there, I read over the Grand Menu (which stated, Happy 10th Anniversary!) and the Vegetable Menu and I started feeling worried and nervous and I almost bailed on the whole evening. The reason is because I have so many allergies and I did not recognize at least half of the items on the menu. I feel so uncomfortable at restaurants when I have to ask a laundry list of questions before ordering.

At Trotters, they made it so easy for me. I merely had to tell them my allergies and they took care of everything. They just told the chef's my needs and I didn't have to think about it the rest of the night. I knew when a dish was placed in front of me, that I could eat it without worrying, and after 10 (yes 10) courses, my mouth did not itch one time!

The menu I ate:

Vegetable Menu

Marinated Summer Squash with Arugula

Michigan Heirloom Tomatoes with Fava Beans, Basil Seeds & Chervil

Globe Artichoke Soup with Spearmint & Spun Honey

Adirondack Blue Potato with Fingerling Potato Blini, Mustard Seed & Queen Anne's Lace

Oregon Morel Mushrooms with Miso, Toasted Koji & Shiso

Jasmine Granite with Apricots & Tahitian Vanilla

Honey Lavender Ice Cream with Mesquite & Grilled Peaches

Milk Chocolate Semifredo with Carrot, Star Anise & Red Wine

The menu DH ate:

Grand Menu

Dungeness Crab with Seawater & Sturgeon Roe

Chilled Snow Lake Trout with Smoked Salmon Roe, Sorrel & California Crayfish

Four Story Hill Farm Quail with Chorizo, Spring Onions & Clover

Grilled Nantucket Scallop with Boudin, Pig’s Tail & Pickled Fennel

Forty Eight Hour Braised Short Rib with Chive Blossoms & Fermented Black Garlic

Young Coconut Granite with Lychee & Cachaca Jelly

Michigan Raspberries with Angelica Ice Cream & Angel Food Tuile

Black Mission Figs with Shaved Fruit Cake, Marcona Almonds & Pedro Ximenez

The two desserts from each menu that I made red, we swapped with each other because I cannot eat Apricots and Peaches. We told our waitress at the beginning of the meal, and even though four other waiters served us these dishes, they were swapped for us, no mistakes, no awkwardness...the service was completely flawless.

I am so glad that I spent all those hours watching Top Chef this past year. I think I got it so much more because of that show. I understood the presentation and the art of the dining, and the layers of flavors. The dishes they served the food on were the most unique I have ever seen.

Some highlights of the meal were the thyme/lavender rolls, the tomato ice cream paired with fried okra---HEAVEN!, the artichoke soup with whipped honey, and our surprise 10th course, lime foam and mexican chocolate gelato....we are stuffed and soaring from this opera of a meal.

It was my first time eating a blini, and a young teenager eating nearby told the waiter that she loved the pancakes, he said he'd give her 20 bucks if she went down and told the chef that! I wouldn't have known it was a blini vs. a pancake either, if I hadn't watched Top Chef on Bravo.

On our way out, we got a quick tour of the kitchen. Whoa. I could have stayed there for hours. There is one table there and they serve 4 to 6 folks in the kitchen each night. The stations were beautiful, the chef's intensely working, the coals were hot, it was fascinating.

Of course I wanted to take a picture of everything before I ate it, but it was not exactly the right venue for such an act...although I did see the weirdest duck in the join snag a few pix, I refrained. Instead I made my DH participate in an impromptu cab-ride-home photoshoot. I think we look better here than in our wedding portraits! Here's to 10 more!


Linz said...

What an EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linz said...

P.S. I heart your dress, and you and Jason too.

Aren't you supposed to be heavier after ten years of marriage instead of thinner?

Y'all are gorgeous, dahling, gorgeous!

Catherine said...

Happy, Happy, Happy 10th Anniversary! You both look FABULOUS! and so very happy and in love!

Catherine in Orlando

Kristie said...

Such a happy couple. 10 years looks good on you guys! keep it up. wonder where you will go for #20. can we look forward that far?

onehm said...

WOW. Sounds like a GREAT anniversary!

Helen said...

My question is - how long did it take to eat all that food? You must have been at the restaurant for hours! It's like dining at an Italian restaurant in Italy. Happy Anniversary.

Rachel H said...

OOh! I love fine dining too! Never had 10 courses before though! I love interesting menus and LOVE getting all dressed up to go out w/ the hubs.

And btw, you have some sweet cheekbones! Now that's a weird complement...but very true. haha!