Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday's Adventure: The Met

It was a beautiful day yesterday, but when we finally ventured outside, it had started to rain, so we hopped in the car and decided to meet some friends at the Met. Can you believe this is the first time I have been back since 2001? Well, now I know why.

We walked through the Greek Sculptures first.

Lil Sis peered up at one of the male sculptures that had his full genitalia still in tact, and said: "Is he going big-giants out his bum?" (big-giants=poop in Lil Sis' world).

Usually I don't feel awkward pointing out, or explaining body parts, or naming their names, but I did feel a little self-conscious in that moment when I perceived a security guard sort of hovering close-by (in reality he probably wasn't that close). I composed myself and pointed out that was not big-giants, that big-giants come out of the backside, but that boys have something called a penis....moving on...

This fountain was a highlight. I think the girls were secretly wishing they could go swimming in it and escape this boring museum place with too many naked men about.

Once we met up with our friends the girls took turns fighting over who would push the baby in the stroller, until finally Big Sis took over the baby's big sister's stroller (riding in it!---my 6 year old!)

Our favorite exhibit was the superheroes exhibit of course. (I was forced to check my backpack but carry around all my electronics and my wallet, even though no flash photography was allowed and my wallet was so awkwardly big that I stuffed it in the back of my shorts.)

Since I had my camera, I casually pulled it out to take a no-flash picture of one of the superheroes and a security guard started berating me about not taking pictures and listing all these rules so fast and so loud. I understand it's her job and she wanted to say it for the whole group of us, but it was so rude. I had to raise my voice back so that I could clearly understand the picture-taking rules, because I did not want to go through the security guard confrontation all day. The irony of that experience, is that since I knew what would happened if my friend pulled out her camera, she was able to be sly about it, and still get the pix she boo to you rude security guard.

The armor was stunning and there were so many details that I would have loved to look at, but my kids were just NOT enjoying anything about the museum.

We finally found some paintings and another security guard was just ON the prowl. Lil Sis lightly touched a rope and I immediately pulled her away and said NO, AS a security guard was yelling from across the room at me: EXCUSE ME! I ignored him.

Then my cell phone rang. I knew there were NO CELLPHONE rules, so I pulled it out to see who was calling, in case I needed to check my voice mail in a bathroom or step outside. I checked the number and then put it back in my pocket as it continued to ring. I stopped and the security guard approached:

There's no cellphone use here.

I'm not using my cellphone.

If you want to use your cellphone you have to step outside.

My cellphone rang, but I am not on it. Do you see me on my cellphone? Do I need to step outside to silence it, or is it ok if I press the silence button here in your presence?

It doesn't need to be on silent, it can ring, you just can't use it.

I'm NOT using it.

Well, when I heard it ring I assumed you were going to use it.

Please don't make assumptions about me. I am clearly not using my cellphone.


That's when I decided we were done with the Met, and that we would not be returning for probably another 7 to 14 years. I am pretty sure it will still be there...but the question is, will this picture be relevant then? I am thinking about using it for my portfolio:

My favorite moment of the day was seeing Lil Sis dance to the lone saxophonists wonky version of Pink Panther. She was feeling that music in her WHOLE body and as she retreated from the musician kept pointing at him in rhythm, like: Yeah, that's it...puh-LAY that wonky Pink Panther theme because I am Feelin' it....hysterical.


wendysue said...

That post was fantastic.. . and summed up my experience as well. We didn't mind paying the big bucks to see the superheroes exhibit. IT was fantastic, and I was a little annoyed that several people did get their fantastic pictures. . and I didn't. Oh well. Then we didn't have much time so we basically ran through the rest. . .

I love your sweet moves in that 2nd to last photo. . .I can only guess that you were breakin' some fresh moves. . .

p.s. loved lil sis comment about the greek statue. . .that has been a whole new ballgame around here with a little brother.

Linz said...

last paragraph cracked me up, so did the cell phone scene and of course big giants

Chloe said...

Oh girl, that was a hot mess of a time...

Your girls look especially nixxy in the pictures today :)

Kage said...

chloe, don't they though? It was sort of a bad day, but I was ok with it because it was not bad b/c of was just authentic posse in a way, it was a good day for that reason.

D said...

Big giants! I'm still laughing out loud...

Kage said...

wendysue, for next time, most if not all museum prices are SUGGESTED admission...I paid 10 dollars for 3 of us, and my friend paid 1 next time, you can pay less.