Sunday, August 03, 2008

Friday's Adventure: Plumage in the Park

Oh Bryant Park, how I have neglected you so. It's August already, and I am JUST getting around to visiting you. I took a quick look at the calender and decided to pass on the GMA Concert Series of the Cast of Rent, and instead went with "Plumage in the Park" with Big Sis.

From the pix on the website, it looked like we might see some pretty exotic birds up close and personal. I took Big Sis to the appointed terrace and spotted this dude with a teeny tiny green parrot on a leash. So....there we Plumage in the Park.

Though it seemed anti-climactic, it was actually way cool, because the bird was a totally kid-friendly size, and there were only a few kids, so they got a lot of time holding it, feeding it, throwing it up in the air so that it could fly, and freaking out about it (as one of our playmates did).

I got to talking to bird guy about his bird, and came to find out that this bird is one of 70 that lives in his apartment with him. Yes, you read that right. 7-0!

He said the morning and evening routine to care for the birds is 2 hours each. Whoa. Can you IMAGINE the noise and the smell? I am guessing this guy doesn't have a lot of guests over. I asked him how he was allowed to get away with that and he said: "Pet's are allowed." Yeah...but....

Oh well, at least I don't have to be his neighbor, and I do think it's cool that he is so passionate about it, and that he volunteers his time for a good cause. I just wish he wouldn't share his jamba juice with the thing...

Our apprehensive friend thought it would be okay to hold vicariously with a I am so glad he brought it with him!

Her face was a little nervous with the bird on her shoulder, and in this picture she turned her model on and smiled for me...but see her little finger? It's all tensed up and close to her shoulder....dead giveaway that she was a little bit nervous!!! So sweet. I was really proud of her, jumped right in to holding it and interacting....BRAVE BIG SIS!

She kept asking me when the show was going to start...I was like: THIS is's not a's just ....a BIRD.....


Chloe said...

Very cool - the bird is such pretty colors.

Big Sis is turning into such a pretty girl, btw :)

Rachel H said...

That's pretty funny- awesome bird extravaganza! Nothing like a huge bird show in the park! haha. Big sis was probably just as happy with the one on one though- I know my kids love that stuff.