Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gradually Going Green: Public Farm 1

We have seen little glimpses of the Public Farm 1 going up, and finally we got to see it in full...An Urban Farm....we HAD to see it!

There are tons of behind-the-scenes photo on this website. The whole process is fascinating.

Big Sis and I explored and took some pix of the exhibit.

This is the map of what is planted in all these recyclable canisters:

There is even a little coop with some chickens and I think at least one rooster...Big Sis got a kick out of that.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed that lately you've just been doing stuff with Big Sis. Is Lil Sis ill, or too hard to handle? With a sitter? Just curious.

Kage said...

Our adventures are completely governed by my unpredictable schedule. I would have liked to take Lil Sis to the recent adventures (especially Plumage in the park), but her school days are inflexible, so she sometimes misses out.

I really love spending time one-on-one with Big Sis though, we have similar interests and enjoy the museum and parks and such. Plus she will be leaving me for full time school so SOON! Lil Sis is not ill she IS hard to handle, but it just so happens I have had free afternoons on days she is in school....I don't feel guilty because we spend a lot of one on one time together throughout the school year...