Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I think I am still sweating.

Today was so weird, I don't know if I CAN be brief.

When my sitter told me she would be at my place by 8 no prob, at 8:14, and her number going to voicemail thrice, I started panicking. I called DH and told him he had to meet me on the subway platform so that I could hand him the girls and he could take them back home (presuming my sitter would be there by then). We decided on Times Square and then last minute, changed it to 53rd and Lex, first car of the train.

The subway stop we had to go to was the farther of the two. I threw the girls shoes on and off we ran. I tried my sitter again, to no avail, and then I realized I had forgotten my wallet. We turned around and ran back to the condo. I grabbed my wallet and off we went again. I held Lil Sis and power walked one block, then she had to run one block, then I held her for a block and then she ran a block...I was DRENCHED in sweat by the time I got to the subway station.

As we ran down the steps, our train was leaving the station. AH! I swiped and waited. I saw then, that my sitter had called. I was close enough to the entrance that I was getting a signal. She was now 33 minutes late and wasn't even to my condo yet! The train pulled up and it was completely packed, as is always the case at this time in the morning on this particular train. 15 people passed on getting on, but I HAD TO GET ON THAT TRAIN. I begged the peops to push towards the middle as I pushed my little ones on. It was SO crowded. I felt so bad, but I could not miss that train, and I knew it would be temporary, because the next stop is a big transfer stop.

We were so crowded, it was a relief when the opposite door opened and the train emptied. The girls quickly found a seat and we got all settled. And just as the last few people exited the train, I saw my DH on the platform. OH NO! I forgot! I had to get the girls off at THIS stop, not times square. I stood up and pretty much shoved the girls out of the train onto the platform and almost got my arm caught in the door as it closed. WHOA. That was a close one. A fellow passenger gave me an incredulous look, like I had just abandoned my children, so I had to explain that my DH was right there.

10 seconds later I realized I had forgotten to give DH my set of keys to give to the sitter. Shoot.

I breathed out. OKAY...on to the job.

Miraculously, I was only 2 minutes late to my job.

I thought I was wrangling for a casting today. I thought I would be handling a lot of babies while their polaroid was taken. In reality, we were shooting 75 babies, and the client was going to choose 28 of those babies to pay, if their photos were chosen. So, basically this was like a to-the-max photoshoot. We ended up shooting 68 babies. The babies had to have a calm, neutral expression, wearing a onesie and then a hat for the second half of their photos. The day actually went pretty well, pretty smooth. The afternoon, especially was way chill.

The most fun part of my day was when one baby model was apparently scared of men. The photographer handed me the camera and said: "You know how to do this right?" Yeah, sure whatever.

So, it was my first time holding a heavy, ginormous camera. Shooting it was like shooting a gun. It was a giant click and so much force. I had a hard time manually focusing it, but I started getting the hang of it, and I think I actually got some good shots of the baby girl. I admit, I was thrilled to be a photographer, even if it was only 10 frames or so!

My second favorite moment was when my friend walked in with her daughter Paigers. She was so cute! I really hope her pix get chosen.

I came home to hear about more adventures that my girls had today. My favorite one was when the sitter went to feed the meter where her car was parked and left the kids by themselves. When she got back, Lil Sis was standing in a puddle of pee. Apparently she had to go and there was no one there to help her. She doesn't give much notice after all. Ay ya ya!!!

It was a crazy day.

(Thanks to my friend who was my sitter today. I totally appreciate you making the sacrifice and watching the girls. I found all of the mishaps to be hilarious. In case it's not clear, I have no hard feelings...I thought this was all quite hilarious!)


onehm said...

WOW! That IS quite a day!
I'm impressed with your skills...
Glad that everything worked out.

kj said...

I'm amused about shoving the girls out the subway door. For some strange reason the image of the gingerbread witch in Hansel and Gretal with her plan to shove them into her hot oven which of course Gretal turned the tables flashed across my imagination. Is there a Hansel and Gretal audition anywhere in NY? You could snag that witch part easy ;) Glad you can be amused Super Mom.

Chloe said...

WHEW. That's the kind of day where you've got to throw on some extra deoderant and say a prayer...

akdoxey said...

You looked very composed when I saw you. What a whirlwind. I bet you slept well last night.

Chris said...

Sounds like a crazy day! Glad it all worked out for you. Was the comment by KJ a nice one or a snarky one? Can't tell?